Will Rational Software Training Make Me A Business Analyst?

I am moving from a Technical Support position into a Business Analyst position.

I feel I have all the soft skills experience I need with my current position but that I need to pick up the Technical skills.

I am looking to get training in Rational, Project Management.

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One Response to "Will Rational Software Training Make Me A Business Analyst?"

  1. Business Analyst Coaching & Training   April 5, 2011 at 12:27 AM
    • Rational is one of the Software Tools used in document or managing requirements but Rational is not the only requirements management software and learning Rational does not make you a business analyst.

    • Besides there is a lot more to business analysis than learning any specific tool like Rational. So don’t be tool minded because you are not a developer. Computer programmers obsess over the software tools that they must learn … business analysts don’t because there is more to being a business analyst than learning a software package.

    • When it comes to business analysis, there is a number of methodologies that you have to learn including requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, requirements management, requirements validation, etc.

      Pay attention to these methodologies because that is what makes you a business analyst and not any one specific vendor tool like Rational.

    • Learning project management does not make you a business analyst … it makes you a project manager.

      Business Analysis is a specialized body of knowledge and the best thing that you may do for yourself right now is to go here and read more about the roles, responsibilities, job description and duties of a business analyst, that way you will be clear about what makes you a business analyst and what doesn’t!

      Thanks and Best Wishes

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