will a sales & marketing profile help me in becoming a business analyst?

I completed my engineering degree in electrical, in year 2010.

Presently I am working in a software company as a business development executive for mobile and ERP applications.

My job basically involves finding clients and telling them about the software services what my company offers

But, I wish to become a business analyst, so does my profile help me in getting in becoming a business analyst, or what is the future growth for my job i.e BDE?

Please suggest me as your precious advice might change my career

thanks and regards

How does a Sales & Marketing Profile Help Me Become A Business Analyst?

When you meet a stranger and discover you both have a similar background with many areas of interest in common, you often become fast friends.

Sharing similar experiences and interests form a bond where the two of you can relate and build a friendship. It’s an easy transition from stranger to friend.

When looking to transition your career from one area to another, the same rules apply. There are similarities in what a sales and marketing professional, or a Business Development Executive (BDE), does and the duties of a business analyst.

For starters, they both rely heavily on strong communication skills (verbal and written), and they both use inter-personal/negotiation skills.

Identify Your Transferable Sales & Marketing Skills

The first thing to do is to identify what skills you currently have that can be transferred into the position of a business analyst.

Do this by making a list of business analyst skills and then a list of skills you use in your current position, and compare the two – checking off any that overlap.

Though every organization varies somewhat in what exactly is expected of a business analyst, there are some skills that are fairly universal among all business analysts.

You can find additional specific skills by reading through actual job listings to see what companies are looking for in a business analyst.

Following is a list that is by no means extensive, but will help you get started in listing Business Analyst skills:

Technical skills
Systems concepts and principles
Computer knowledge
Complex modeling techniques
Case development
Technical writing.
Knowledge of business processes
Ability to visualize the end result
Improve business processes
Strategic planning
Analytical skills
Documentation skills
Business requirements management techniques
Evaluation of profit and risk
Validation techniques
Creation of Business Requirements Document (BRD)
Reporting skills
Management skills
Ability to make decisions
Customer Relations management
Time management
Organizational skills
Project management
Communication skills (verbal and written)
Negotiation Skills
Inter-personal skills

Once you’ve listed out as many business analyst skills you can find, turn your eyes to your current position.

Now, it’s your turn to write down everything your current position requires you to perform. Add to and take away from the following list as applies to you and your personal situation. Your list might include:

Intelligence gathering regarding customers and competitors
Lead generating
Draft and enforce sales policies and processes
Follow-Up calls and meetings
Creating and presenting formal proposals, which includes management and writing skills
Presenting sales pitches
Business design and modeling
Account planning
Monitoring performance
Develop propositions and campaigns
Evaluating business practices
Customer service skills
Using specific tools and software to get the job done

Make A List of Business Analysts Skills You Are Missing

Take a pen and check off all of the skills that match. Then, take a highlighter and highlight all of the skills that you still need to acquire.

Now, make a new list of the business analyst skills that are still missing. These are the skills which you will need to focus on to pursue a business analyst career.

Bridge this skills gap with online training and through looking for opportunities at your current employment to volunteer to help and gain hands-on experience as a business analyst.

These opportunities are probably already available right before your eyes; you just haven’t realized they were there before. They begin with simple steps like practicing your listening and information gathering skills to setting up meetings where you can practice your facilitating skills.

Look for something in your organization that needs to be improved, or a problem that needs to be solved and go to work as if you are already a business analyst developing your requirements gathering and analysis skills.

If there are absolutely no opportunities for these skills to be developed at your current job, look for other people or organizations that you can help by going through the process of gathering information, analysis and following through on offering a solution.

Make sure you document all of this experience well, notating what you did and what impact it had on your organization. Use this to present to a hiring company during an interview or included in your resume’ and cover letter.

Online business analyst training courses is a great way to make sure you cover everything needed to bridge your skills gap well.

Combine and supplement your search to find volunteer opportunities with professional business analyst training which you can accomplish and finish at your own pace and on your own time.

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4 Responses to "will a sales & marketing profile help me in becoming a business analyst?"

  1. Business Analysts Training   May 7, 2011 at 7:39 PM

    A Business Development Executive (BDE) can become a business analyst by leveraging their sales and marketing background or experience.

    • The Job of a Sales and Marketing or Business Development Executive is similar to the job of a business analyst in some ways. They both rely on strong written or verbal communications skills as well as strong inter-personal / negotiation skills!

      So, a Sales and Marketing / Business Development Executive (BDE) has skills that are transferable to the business analysis profession.

    • So, the first thing that you should so is to identify your transferable skills … those skills that you can transfer from your current job to your new business analyst career.

      The next thing that you need to do is list the business analysis skills that are still missing in your current career which you have to learn or master before you are ready to apply for business analyst jobs.

  2. rahul   July 12, 2011 at 12:56 AM


    i am work in IBM as PMO analyst can i switch my career in business analyst ……….

    • Business Analysts Training   July 12, 2011 at 1:57 AM

      Yes you can switch your career to that of a business analyst and your profile will definitely help you become a business analyst.

      But I hope that you realize that there is more to switching to business analysis as a career than having a good profile?

  3. shubhangi   March 26, 2015 at 9:18 AM

    i am MBA, with an experience in to retail banking for 3 years, where my profile was as relationship manager for HNI clients, but was also handling daily branch banking operations, selling of banking products like insurance etc ang meeting targets, and forex transactions(basic).
    can i move into buss analyst role in bfsi domain.how should i start with, and should i add in my resume so that i get interview calls.


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