Why Is A Business Analyst Internship Hard To Find?

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

I want to become a business analyst. It is all I wanted since I entered IT.

But something or the other kept diverting me away from it. I really need your help in reviving my career.

I’m willing to put in any number of hours to succeed in this quest.

I have 3 years of IT experience, where I have also had client facing roles.

Please include me in your internship program. I really really want this badly.

Thanking You !


First determine if this is truly your passion.
If your focus is on becoming a business analyst, what takes your eyes off the prize and gets in the way of you achieving your dream? It could be happenings beyond your control. On the other hand, it could be that landing a business analyst job isn’t your true passion.
This is where you start – determine what your true passion is. If it is a career as a business analyst, pursue it. If not, it’s best to find out now before more time is spent going down the wrong road.

What Does a Business Analyst Do?
Before you can match your passion with the job, you must first know what is involved in the role of a business analyst. The position varies from organization to organization in exact duties carried out. However, the job duties can be generally summed up as follows:
-A business analyst is a liaison between two parties to solve a problem
-A business analyst is a problem solver
-Excellent communication skills are a must-have in the world of business analysts
-A general knowledge of computers, software and how an IT department functions is a huge benefit for a business analyst
-A business analyst must have the ability to see a project from many perspectives and stay within budget
-A good business analyst gathers information by asking the right questions of the right people
-The ability to finish what you start by seeing projects through from start to finish is necessary in the role as a business analyst

What Is My Passion?
To figure out if business analysis is what you want more than any other job, ask yourself some questions:
-When you have time off with little to no demands, what is it that you dream or think about?
-What skill do others say you do well?
-When you have time to sit down with a good book or magazine, what topic do you choose to read about?
-What topic puts a smile on your face and makes you sigh with a feeling of relief or relaxation?

Pursue Your Dream:
Did your answers have anything to do with what a business analyst does day-to-day to get the job done? If so, it’s time to dive deeper into pursuing this career.

Begin with self study:
Start fulfilling your dream job by reading everything you can get your hands on that has to do with business analysis.
Enroll in an on-line course that will give you hands-on experience and help you build your resume’, like the Business Analyst Boot Camp. This online course offers real-world experience at problem solving and hands-on experience as if you are actually on the job.

Don’t quit your current job just yet:
If you are currently working, do not walk away from your job until you have gained the necessary experience to move on into the role of what you are passionate about. Use this time to look for opportunities within your current organization where you can put your business analyst skills to good use.

Get hands-on experience
Not all experience is quality. Spend your time on what will really matter in the long run. It’s not only important to get hands-on experience as a business analyst, but also in leadership, UML, Use Cases, Object Oriented Design, Manual Testing, and database, user interface and software testing experience.

Talk to other employees, and discover a problem that needs to be solved. Then, voluntarily go to work to solve the problem. Document every step you take. This will give you experience in written communications needed when you step into the role as a business analyst. It will also provide a sample of your work for future employers to see.

Once you have joined together self study, an online training course, and taking the effort to put it into practice within your current job; you will then be able to begin to build your resume’ toward landing a career as a business analyst.

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