Which Jobs Will Lead To Good BA Positions?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?


Good day,

I have been in banking for over eight years now as a wire transfer investigations officer.

I recently completed my BSc in Computing and Information Systems and at present I’m awaiting results.

I left my job at the bank to complete my final year and I’m considering entering the information technology field. I am aspiring to become a business analyst and would like guidance as to what should be my next step.

Mainly, what should be my considerations now, and what type of job would give me the right foundation to eventually be a good candidate for a business analyst position.

Currently, I have no professional ICT experience.

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One Response to "Which Jobs Will Lead To Good BA Positions?"

  1. Business Analysts Training   October 14, 2012 at 4:21 PM
    1. You Can Become A Business Analyst With Your Current Job As A Foundational Career / Stepping Stone

      Look at the possibilities of adding more business analyst type roles to your current responsibilities.

      Start by asking your manager, team lead, project manager or business analysts for the opportunity to help with their business analysis type tasks.

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      the first thing you need to do is: “take an inventory of your current skills”. The second is “identify your transferable skills … those skills which can be moved from your current career to a business analyst career” and finally, look for opportunities at your current job to practice or increase your business analysis skills (documenting requirements, gathering requirements, communicating requirements, testing requirements, etc.)

    2. You May Become A Business Analyst From A Computer Programmer Career

      Software Developers / Computer Programmers work hand in hand with business analysts and in some ways, it is actually natural for a software developer to become a business analyst … especially where there are not enough business analysts on the team.

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      While the Business Analysts’s job is to gather, document, validate or communicate requirements from business users, stakeholders or customers, software developers build software programs from these requirement documents.

      However, many software developers actually gather and document requirements as part of their jobs. So, it is quite natural for a software developer to leave the programming world and become a FULL FLEDGED business analyst!

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    3. You Can Become A Business Analyst From A Software Testing Background

      Software Testers usually test the programs built by software developers. Their job is to pass or fail a software program based on whether the features / behavior / coding of the program meets the requirements previously documented by business analysts and developed by computer programmers.

      Since the Software Tester works so closely with business analysts it is natural for Software Testers to transition into a Business Analysis job …

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    4. You can Become A Business Analyst From A Systems Analyst Job

      The Business Analyst profession evolved from the Systems Analyst profession and some other careers. So, it is still natural for today’s Systems Analysts to become professional business analysts.

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