what’s lacking to fix issues in a business analyst role?

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Hi, there I want to make use of my experience and skill in a place where I am able to fix issues in business analyst roles.

If not, what else do i need to pick up and what is lacking to become a business analyst?

How To Fix Issues In A Business Analyst Role

You’ve probably heard it said that “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

Though, you may not be at the point of bitterness and upset in your current working environment, there is something missing for you.

Think about a hot, summer day. You choose to refresh by drinking a tall, ice-cold glass of lemonade. As you begin to drink, you are expecting a sweet, refreshing taste. Instead, your taste buds are greeted with a tart, unexpected shock.

Whoever made the lemonade left out the sugar. Sugar is the missing ingredient that takes the tart lemon and turns it into a sweet, refreshing treat.

You quickly determine sugar is missing from the lemonade, now use that same principle and find out what is missing for you in your career!

What Is Missing In My Career?

To discover what is lacking in your current career and whether or not a business analyst is a job you would enjoy, you need to first look at the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst.

A Business Analyst’s primary role is to explore or investigate business systems, analyze processes, identify problems and suggest solutions.

This involves a high-level of excellency in communication skills between stakeholders, architects, system experts, technology department heads, financial experts, users and anyone else involved to bridge the gap between what the company wants and needs and what can reasonably be delivered.

This also involves gathering information, analyzing requirements and documenting the process.

It also takes a great deal of coordination and communication.

Some of these business analyst skills needed include:

Excellent Communication skills (both verbal and written)

Good communication skills is at the core of the success of a Business Analyst.

This also includes good observation, interviewing, negotiation, leadership skills and tact.

Problem-Solving Skills

The point of a Business Analyst’s job is to analyze the problem and come up with a solution.

So, problem-solving skills are critical in this role.

Technology Knowledge

Extensive programming and coding knowledge is not necessary, but is helpful in communicating with Technical personnel in coming up with solutions and in testing.

Time Management Skills

Being able to deliver what you have proposed in a timely manner and meeting deadlines is important.

This will also involve motivating team members and helping with the project scheduling.


Putting it down on paper, in black and white, is important as a point of reference for your team and your project.

Financial Knowledge

Solving the problem is intertwined with other aspects of the business, such as cost.

The best possible solution will probably increase the profits of the company and not put them in the red.

Make A List

Now that you know what the qualifications are needed in a Business Analyst’s position, make a list of tasks or duties that business analysts are meant to perform which you are not currently capable of carrying out.

Bridging The Business Analyst Knowledge Gap

Now it’s time to gain the needed skills and experience to bridge the gap between what is missing and your current skills.

Self study is one of the fastest ways to get you from point A to point B.

When you seek out the information yourself, it shows that you are motivated to change.

This motivation will propel you to discover what is lacking in your current situation.

Online training courses are another wonderful way to bridge the gap of learning.

Courses found at the Business Analyst Boot Camp provide video training which you can watch at your convenience: before work, during your lunch time, after work, or even in the middle of the night.

You can watch and re-watch until you fully understand what is being presented.

But, the business analyst boot camp doesn’t stop at just watching movies.

It offers up-to-date training that gives you hands-on experience as you work through real-to-life scenarios and tests.

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3 Responses to "what’s lacking to fix issues in a business analyst role?"

  1. Rebecca   June 1, 2011 at 9:11 PM

    I’ve been a Sr. Business Analyst for over 15 years.

    The one thing which remains the same, regardless of where I’ve worked or in what industry, is that the primary function of a business analyst is to be the liaison between the business users (who request new products and services) and the programmers or other technical units (who provide the technical services.)

    Business analysts sit down with the business users and interview them to understand the requirements and document them.

    They then work with the programmers on the technical solution and make sure the two teams are in alignment.

    Here’s the thing. It’s always seemed to me that, with a little extra effort, the business team can work directly with the programmers and get what they need.

    However, there’s a skill in there, somewhere, that others either don’t have or don’t enjoy as a job function, because we’re continually brought in to assist.

    Business analysts require solid writing, communication and organization skills.

    They require a good grasp of the technical and political environment in which they work (budget and timeline are often factors we are up against in solving business needs.)

    There is no specific degree for this job. I have an English degree, as do some of my coworkers.

    I worked part-time in an office in college and worked my way up.

    Others came from a software or computer engineering backgrounds.

    Most of us fell into this career when on paths to other careers entirely.

    Some, however, specialize in finance or other areas where serious, specific training may be a prerequisite.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    • Business Analysts Training   June 12, 2011 at 12:42 PM

      Thank you for this excellent article and writeup on what a business analyst does and the roles / responsibilities of a business analyst.

      You have made it so simple, direct, clear and straightforward … I have do doubt that many readers will find it both useful and interesting!

  2. Business Analysts Training   June 2, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    To understand what is lacking in your current career, you have to first take an inventory of business analyst roles and responsibilities.

    Next, you make a list of the tasks or duties that business analysts are meant to perform which you are not currently capable of carrying out.

    Then once you have this second list of missing business analysis skills, you have the answer to your question, because you can see clearly what you need to know to become a business analyst!


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