What To Study To Become A Business Analyst

Are you looking for educational, graduate, post greduate programs that would help you become a business analyst?

Or are you wondering about the college credits or courses needed to become a business analyst?

If you are, then read the answers to this question posted about the educational requirements for business analyst careers.

Q. What Educational Programs / Courses / Classes Are Required To Become a Business Analyst?

Not because this is where the money is, but also its pretty much what I have been doing since I enrolled in University Bachelor of eBusiness.

I am currently employed as a temporary IT worker (temp worker) at an IT helpdesk.

I feel as though right now I am stuck and not sure where to go or what to do with my career.

I have applied for graduate positions, but knowing that my GPA is below average, so have to rely more on my work experience to move up in the industry.

However, I want to know to become either a PROJECT MANAGER or a BUSINESS ANALYST.

Where should I go to next and how can I get to where I want to go without studying for graduate position?

Answers on What To Study To Become A Business Analyst

Do no worry about your education as much as your BA specific skills.

With regards to your education are two career paths: the IT Business Analyst Career Path and the Domain Business Analyst Career Path.

The IT Business Analyst is responsible for working on IT / software related projects, while the Domain Business Analyst specializes in solving business problems for a particular domain like finance, education, or healthcare, etc.

The key to getting a job as a business analyst (BA) is to get a lot of hands-on experience in the IT industry.

And if you are passionate about a specific domain, e.g. transportation, finance, then you need to have experience in that industry as well.

Certification and education can certainly help, but experience with requirements analysis, user case, UML; strong communication skills, leadership qualities, and organization are more important.

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  1. Sai Gopika   October 19, 2011 at 12:34 AM

    Hiye.. I am a BCA graduate and m working as Software Engineer since 2 years.. Am planning to go for higher studies and am interested in business analyst so after i complete my MBA(distance/regular) will it be possible for me to get a business analyst job?


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