What To Study Or Learn To Become A Domain Business Analyst

Question: What does a science graduate need to study to become a business analyst?


You may study to become an IT Business Analyst or a Domain Business Analyst.

IT Business Analysts Study topics like requirements analysis, requirements management, requirements elicitation, UML, Use Cases while Domain Business Analysts study all the courses neeed to become an IT Business Analyst and some additional courses specific to the industry or domain they are specializing in.

For example, if you are passionate about the sciences and you also want to be a business analyst, then Studying Domain Business Analysis for your science industry will afford you the opportunity to work in that industry.

Remember that you need to study courses covering domain business analysis topics and also the more general IT Business Analysis topics.

In addition you will also need strong communication skills and you can get that through courses, classes or study programs that cover written and verbal communication / presentation skills.

Finally, after all your study, you will also need to have some hands-on experience.

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