What Is The Pay Or Salary For Business Analysts?

Recently, I happen to see a chart that showed the average salary scale of business analysis jobs in IT.

As a matter of fact, I have no idea what business analysis means nor do I know what a Business Analyst does.

Can anyone tell me what college courses should I pursue to become a Business Analyst? I want to know if this will work for me.

How To Become A Highly Paid Business Analyst

I clearly understand your concerns. It is true that the Business Analyst(BA) is highly paid these days.

Hence, a lot of students aim to become a Business Analyst once they are out of colleges. You are one of them and it is rightly justified.

A Business Analyst is a bridge between the IT and business teams of an organization. He carries out business analysis to identify problems/requirements and make suggestions to improve the business or develop a new system/product.

The roles of a business analyst may vary from business to business or domain to domain: Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, IT Specialist, Requirements Analyst, and Consultant.
Roles of a Business Analyst

There are slews of responsibilities that a Business Analyst has to carry out. His role is particularly challenging. Some of the responsibilities of a Business Analyst include:

  1. Creating a project scope or understanding the scope of the project

    Scoping a project is very important phase. Hence, He has to study the project and analyze project requirements thoroughly.

  2. Eliciting requirements

    Through the requirement analysis, using techniques like interviews, a Business Analyst has to ensure that all concerned stakeholders mutually agree on the project requirements. No project takes off unless the requirements are clear and documented well. Once understood, a Business Analyst helps categorize and prioritize requirements.

  3. Creating requirement specifications and requirement documents

    At the stage, a BA’s writing skills are put to test. Once the requirements are analyzed, they have to be documented well so that developers, business groups and stakeholder can refer to the documents when required. Requirements may be documented in the form of use cases, process maps and data flow diagrams.

  4. Collaborating with developers

    This is done to ensure that the requirements are properly understood by the development team and are translated into the recommended solutions.

  5. Conducting TestsThey are also expected to conduct tests like Unit Testing, Integrated Testing, and Functional Testing.

Required skills

. A Business Analyst should:

  • Should possess requirement analysis skills — a BA should be good at gathering and analyzing requirements using UML, Process Mapping, Flowcharting, and IDEF.
  • Have process mapping skills.
  • Be excellent in communication skills — since a BA has to interact with many stakeholders, He must possess good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and good writing skills.
  • Analytical skills — Only candidates with good analytical skills can carry out a requirement analysis. So needless to say, a BA should possess analytical skills, problem solving skills and decision making skills.
  • IT Skills — Knowledge of Web-based technologies like J2EEE/.NET and Web-based technologies like JS/HTML/ASP and Knowledge of SQL, data analysis, reporting, UML, Visual Basic programming, and Microsoft Office Automation.
  • Be familiar with RDBMS concepts, Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management methodologies.
  • Possess good domain knowledge.


BA is relatively a new job. There are no specific courses offered by any colleges. A sound knowledge of IT and handson experience is helpful.

You may also get a degree in Computer Science and then go on to acquire an MBA in Information Systems.

But your BA skills are more important than a degree, which of course can’t be taken for granted.

Most BAs start preparing themselves right after college, so I think you are on the right track.

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