What Is The Best Way to Become a Good Or Effective Business Analyst

Career Spotlight: What is the best way to become a good, better or effective business analyst?

The Good, Better or Best Ways To Become an Effective Business Analyst

The best way to become a Business Analyst is to know where your passions lie.

If you enjoy leading a team, solving problems, and communicating, all while working within the IT industry, then the role of Business Analyst is for you.

You can either become an IT Business Analyst–a BA who works in the IT or software development industry, or you can become a Domain Business Analyst.

Domain BA’s work within a specific industry, e.g. telecommunications, healthcare, finance.

The key thing is to get a lot of hands-on Business Analysis experience.

That being said, here are some recommended ways of becoming an effective busienss analyst:

  1. Volunteer for open-source software development projects that require business analysts

  2. Offer to work for nothing at a non-profit organization

  3. Find a company, executive or business owner that will allow you to work for nothign in exchange for experience

  4. Take an end to end, beginner to advanced business analyst training course like the one listed here: online business analyst trainining program

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