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what do i need to prepare for a business analyst job interview?
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what all i need to prepare for the job.what all is asked and which are the companies that offer this position

Congratulations, you got the call! A company wants you to come in for a job interview.

Now what? You\'ve gone through the hard work of preparing and finding companies to submit your resume to.

Now, it\'s time to shine. The interview is your "five minutes of fame".

It would be a shame to put time and effort into training and searching for a job only to spoil your opportunity because you\'re not prepared for the interview.

The secret to a successful interview is in how well you prepare.

A good interview will flow well with no uncomfortable stalls in the conversation.

You are being observed to see if you know the answers, how quickly you respond and what your knowledge base is.

The employer wants to know if you can walk in the door the next day and offer the company the help they need.

Just one wrong answer will signal a red flag that the interview is over.

The Employer may ask you 25-30 questions or more. Be sure you are prepared.

Interview Preparation - How Much Do You Know About The Company?

One key question on the minds of the employer, whether or not he asks, is: "How much do you know about our company?"

It\'s very important that you spend time researching information about the company before you arrive at the interview.

If the question is not specifically asked, make sure you find spots to interject answers within the other questions to show you have done your homework and are prepared to step into the position of Business Analyst.

Interview Preparation - Practice Makes Perfect

It has been said that it takes three weeks of consistently doing something new to create a habit.

If you want to polish a skill to make it ready for presentation, the best thing to do is practice.

Repetition sets new knowledge into your memory.

Research has proven that tests or quizzes that allow you to practice a skill help improve retention, recall and understanding.

Additional research has shown that workers who use practice quizzes tend to have better long-term recall than their colleagues who merely studied without the aid of the test.

When you are comfortable recalling information to pass a test, you are prepared to recall the information to shine during your interview as well.

What will a good test offer, and how does taking practice tests benefit you?

  • Quiz software set up to present random questions with immediate feedback.

  • Tests provide different types of questions that an interviewer may ask and presents them in a variety of formats such as multiple choice, single answer, or open-ended interview questions.

Interviewing Tips - The Employer Is Looking For Three Things During The Interview

  1. Correct Answers

  2. Quick Response Time

  3. Knowledgeable, Comprehensive, and Detailed Answers

If you are not prepared for the interview questions, you may not know the right answers, and you may delay in responding or stammer around with your answer showing lack of confidence.

Or, you may be vague in your answers, leaving the employer with the impression that you do not have the knowledge he is looking for.

Some of the questions you might encounter during your interview are:

  1. What is your greatest strength?

    Give an honest answer based on what you believe you could easily contribute to the company.

    Pull from your research about what the company\'s specific needs are.

  2. What is your greatest weakness?

    This is the one question most dreaded by many. Of course, you don\'t want to blurt out all your faults.

    Take time before the interview to find one key weakness that you can turn around in a positive way without sounding awkward.

    Turn your weak points into a strength. An example of a good answer might be: "I tend to approach things in more of a \'big picture\' concept and might overlook minute details.

    Because of this, I surround myself with at least one key person who is extremely detail oriented.

  3. How well do you work under pressure?

    Of course, you don\'t want to imply that you fall apart when under stress.

    An answer that suggests high-pressure situations spur you on to work harder and give you energy would be good.

    Providing proof of success under challenging, demanding environments would be a wise way to respond.

  4. Where Do You See Yourself in 5/10 Years - What are your future goals?

    Your answer should reflect what you can offer the company for the long haul.

    Inserting a response as to how you want to increase your responsibilities as you grow with the company would be a good answer.

  5. Tell me why you are considering leaving your current job?

    Whatever your reason is, you\'ll want to phrase it in a way that reflects your desire for advancement.

    Never gossip or provide a poor impression of your current employer.

  6. We are conducting interviews on several candidates

    What sets you apart as the one we should hire? Be prepared with a list of specific accomplishments that prove you are the best one for the job.

    Before you go to the interview, do your homework and make a list of how your background matches the specific job you are applying for.

    Be sure to mention software programs you have worked with that fit their needs.

The Business Analyst Boot Camp offers a list of Business Analyst interview questions and then provides an evaluation of your answers given.

Even open-ended questions will be evaluated on a right or wrong scale.

These practice interviews are provided at no additional cost as part of the online training program.

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