What Are The Career Paths for Business Analysts?

One of the questions that we get about business analyst careers is the question of career paths for business analysts.

So, we will start this post by answering this question:

What is the Business Analyst career path in the IT Industry?

I an working in an IT company and we need to map the Business Analyst role in the company.

The Major Career Paths for Business Analysts

There are two (2) major career paths for business analysts.

1.) The IT Business Analysts Career Path

2.) The Domain Business Analysts Career Path

Each career path requires some of the basic skills needed for business analyst careers including the ability to communicate well, requirements elicitation, requirements validation and requirements management.

The IT Business Analyst Career Path is more of a generalist, software development, information technology (IT) oriented role. This career path requires business skills requirements management, use case, UMl skills.

The Domain Business Analyst Career path requires the generalist skills of an IT business analyst and specialized skill sets and experience from a specific industry such as healthcare, telco, education, etc.

The Domain Business Analyst is a motivator and leader within each company and managers look to domain business analysts as a source of business insight for their organization.

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  1. VASU   March 21, 2011 at 8:06 AM


    Currently working as Business Analyst(8 Months), Academically i’m not from Maths background.

    i worked/opted random designations till now, By Heartly i really want to be an expert in this career.

    Please treat me as a fresher and Kindly guide/introduce me to the world of ANALYTICS.

    What are the points to be an EXPERT IN ANALYTICS

    Thanks & Regards,


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