What A Good Business Analyst Should Study or Know

Business Analyst Career Coaching

I am interested in learning about Business Analysis and the roles that Business Analysts can play in in this field.

Unfortunately, it is quite hard to find material online since this field is so big and complicated – at least for someone like me who has no experience in this field.

I have experience working as a Business Analyst in web development projects, which were intrinsically geared towards user/system interaction.

I’d appreciate it if someone here could direct me towards Business Analyst recources or training programs that are geared towards Business Analysts / Requirements gathering etc.

I am looking for books on Business Analysts and career options for business analysts in this field.

What To Study To Become A Business Analyst

There are many resources that you can use in studying to become a business analyst and most of them are listed on this website. Here are some additional tips for you:

  1. Learn the roles of a business analyst

  2. Learn Use Cases

  3. Learn how to elicit, gather or document requirements

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