Transitioning Executive Administrative Assistant Roles Into a Business Analyst Career

I am overwhelmed by what it takes to become a Business Analyst.

I am a whiz at MS Office applications but know that will not help me completely in making the transition of an Executive Administrative Assistant to a Business Analyst…a true desire that I have.

I need to know basic SQL or some type of data base management system.

I am taking an introductory course of SQL presently.

I know that UML, .NET, HTML, and XML are very popular with job requirements when I look over them.

In addition, I possess an Associates degree.

A lot of the jobs require a BS. Where should I start? Right now I am unemployed and I see nothing but sharks in the water. Got any ideas that will work?

How To Transition Careers From Executive Administrative Assistant To Business Analysis

You have certainly done a lot of research about your transition to a
business analyst career.

Yes, getting some SQL training will help because SQL skills are needed both by “Business Analysts”, “Computer Programmers” and other “Information Technology” careers.

The demand for technical skills like .NET programming skills, Use Cases, UML, Requirements Management skills is so high, that you can transition your executive administrative assistant career within the next 12 months to either a “business analyst role” or a “junior programmer” role.

If you want to become a business analyst, you may not have to worry about learning the full suite of programming skills. Just mastering SQL / Relational Database Development will be enough.

We have some online training courses that can help you master SQL Query Writing, Database Design & Development, UML, Use Cases and Requirements Management which will be helpful to you seeing that you want to learn a mix of SQL + Business Analysis Skills.

This training is offered online through the and the

Both the online and the training classes are delivered using the same Learning Management Software (LMS) and
instructional philosophy.

Here is a example of how we train on the “Business Analysts Boot Camp”:

1.) The Business Analyst Boot Camp is delivered though a web-based learning managament software

2.) The Business Analyst Boot Camp delivery modes include:

a. Business Analyst Instructional Videos

b. Business Analyst Quizzes or Practice Tests to improve comprehension, retention and mastery of business analysis topics.

c. Hands-On Business Analysis projects that are graded by instructors through the web-based Business Analyst online training system.

d. An online, real-time report card that displays the grades for all the Business Analyst training modules completed including quizzes, assignments, instructional videos).

There are several Business Analyst training modules including:

e. Private Discussion Modules for use by you (the student) and the course
instructor on the web-based training system:

You can post a question, concern or discussion on any Business Analyst related topic and get assistance or feedback or answers or coaching from an Instructor

f. The Business Analyst Boot Camp training system system automatically moves
you along your training plan from one level to another.

It sends you an e-mail with your grade / score when you complete a quiz or a hands-on project or when you are ready to take the next training module.

g. At the end of your training you are mailed a Business Analyst course completion certificate

h. The type of business analyst training videos that you will be watching are completely hands-on.

You will learn by watching and doing what the trainer tells you to do because it will be completely 100% relevant to your business analyst career.

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  1. Tunisia   March 22, 2011 at 10:35 AM

    My desires is to not be in the clerical field by the end of 2011 or sooner.

    I have always been interested in having both Business Analyst or Project Management training under my belt.

    I would like some information regarding how your boot camp works. Thanks


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