Thinking of Becoming A Business Analyst?

I have a strong interest in learning more about Business Analysis because I want to make a career in this field.

I just finished my degree in Computer Science and I don’t know much about Business Analysis and really have no idea how to kick-start my career.

Any suggestions?
With costs cut and optimum productivity being two top priorities of all organizations, particularly those in the IT industry, it is important for a candidate to have fair amount of work experience in business related field to get in to the business analysis field.

Let me explain what business analysis is.
A business analyst does mainly two things:
He/she analyzes the business processes, policies, business requirements, and customer requirements and he/she, then, provides recommendations for business improvements.

In the IT industry, a business analyst is the bridge between the business department and technology department.

He/she understands the user requirements after data analysis or research and makes suggestions to the business team. Business team takes them to technology team, which, in turn, will develop products that satisfy the customer.

Primary roles of an entry-level business analyst
Assisting in gathering data/information/requirements
Providing review and detailed analysis of the data collected
Ensuring data is accurate
Ensuring data integrity
Assisting in data quality and validation
Creating requirement documents
Preparing test scripts and executing test scripts
Required skills
Soft skills
Excellent writing and speaking skills
Interpersonal skills
Technical skills
Knowledge of technologies like .NET and Web-based technologies like HTML, CSS, ASP.NET
Knowledge of SQL, data analysis, reporting, UML, Visual Basic programming, and Microsoft Office Automation
Analysis skills
Problem solving skills and decision making skills
A good business understanding
Strategic planning
Business methodologies
Innovative business improvement methods
Case development
Business writing
A degree in any IT related field or finance, statistics, or a similar field is most preferred.

However, a degree alone will not fetch you a job.

You should exhibit a burning desire to acquire new skills, communication skills, and analytical skills to impress the prospective employers.

Going about getting a job
Get certified or sign up for an online training program like the business analyst boot camp (

Developing required skills
There is no short cut to success. If you want to be a good business analyst, set the basics right first.
This means you need to work hard to develop new required skills or polish the skills you already possess.

Network with people in the industry

This is an important strategy to build your career. Try to network with people who are already in the business analysis industry. They will be able to guide you through the phase of preparing and getting a job in the industry.

Gain work experience
Try to get a freelance job wherever possible, even if this means working for free. This will add weight to your resume.

I hope this description has given you a good idea about the demands of the industry.

Since you already have a degree in Computer Science, my advice to you is that you must first get a fair amount of experience before looking for the position of a business analyst.

Meanwhile, it buys you time to build skills and learn about the domain and the requirements.

All the best.

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