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The Future For ENFP Personality Type As A Business Analyst

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Law, Business degree, IT course (Cobol). I worked as a Cobol junior mainframe developer for 2 years.

Thereafter I worked as a project manager/Operations specialist / frontline customer interface (no training or knowledge) for 3 years.

Due to severe burnout I was unable to work for 5 years.

The last 2 years of my health sabbatical I studied another IT Course – Java, SQL, Javascript, HTML, Flash)


I now have my first job after 5 years with a small software company with big corporate clients – am in my 6th month with the company.

I’m working with .Net, C#, Advanced SQL, Advanced JavaScript, CSLA Business Objects.

My frustration is my lack of knowledge of these languages and I’m building applications using these languages.

I’m learning by going through other applications written in the company.

The company is making use of their own in-house written framework/applications so that when I read up on the .Net framework for example I cannot transfer that knowledge into my work environment as it is not similar.

I also work long hours which makes it very difficult to study.


I am 42 and realise that IT programming is probably not the best career choice I’ve made.

I’ve done the Meyers-Briggs test and I’m an ENFP.

This type of personality doesn’t appear to flourish doing detail work.

I don’t enjoy development/coding/programing and I’ve realised I don’t like detail work, I don’t enjoy struggling with code the whole day and figuring out how to get my program to work.

When I do get it to work I don’t feel that the code is clear and simple.

I would describe my code as tortuous in order to get to a result and my code is not robust.


What would you suggest I do in my current situation?

What skills that I currently have and am learning will be a huge plus in order to move to something else in IT?

If I know that it will be useful in my new career to have .Net, C#, etc experience then I will be hugely motivated and willing to put the effort in to learn it.


I do enjoy SQL and the web development side more. It is not that complicated and coding focussed.

I am picking up SQL experience but not really web development experience.

Coaching on ENFP Personality Type for Business Analysts

The Myers-Briggs Personality Profile is an extensive test that groups its findings into 16 different personality combinations.

It is based on the psychological philosophies of C. G. Jung that suggests there is order and consistency to the way people behave based upon how they perceive and judge.

Each personality type includes a combination of four letters based on four separate categories:

  1. Focus

  2. Interpretation of Information

  3. Decision Making

  4. Structure

Each of the four categories decide which personality best fits yours through a series of questions.

There are miniature versions of this test that can give you a brief idea of what your personality profile may be.

But, the entire Myers-Briggs Profile test is detailed, asking many questions to form a conclusion as to what categories
represent your personality.

The profile breaks personality down into four categories consisting of a choice of two letters each:

(Focus )

How do you prefer to focus on the world around you?

This particular category does not necessarily imply that you are shy or overly gregarious.

It is only an
indication of how you view your world.

Do you prefer to be alone to think things through or do you have to bounce ideas off of others?

  • I – Introvert

  • E – Extrovert

(Interpretation of Information)

The next groupings of letters indicate how you interpret information.

Do you tend to add meaning to information you obtain, or do you focus mainly on just the basic information?

  • N – Intuitive

  • S – Sensing

(Decision Making)

The next set of letter abbreviations refer to making decisions.

Do you look at logic when you make decisions, or do you first look at people with the special circumstances and feelings?

  • T – Thinking

  • F – Feeling


The final set of letters is how you handle structure in regard to how you deal with the outside world.

Do you prefer decided situations or do you prefer to keep your options open?

  • J – Judging

  • P – Perceptive

What is an ENFP Personality?

(E) Extrovert - (N) Intuition - (F) Feeling – (P) Perceptive – An ENFP personality would imply that you are an Extrovert (E), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F) and Perceptive (P) personality type.

generally means that you are most comfortable with others around you.

You interpret information through intuition. You make decisions largely based on people and special circumstances (feelings). And, you prefer to keep your options open.

An ENFP\'s skills cover a broad spectrum. If something interests them, they are probably good at it.

They are project-oriented. ENFP personality types love life and want to make the most out of it as a gift.

They are driven by a strong sense of values in
everything they do.

An ENFP focuses externally taking things in through intuition. Your underlying mode, however, is internal as you handle things based upon how you feel about them or how they fit into your personal system of value.

This personality type tends to
be enthusiastic people who can become very passionate and filled with excitement.

They are warm, bright and full of potential. They tend to be incredibly good with people, bringing out the best in others.

They also seem to understand others intuitively shortly
after meeting them.

The world of an ENFP is filled with possibilities. They are inspirational because their enthusiasm tends to inspire those around them.

Communication skills are natural to them as they are able to talk their way out of just about any situation.

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This post discusses the future of ENFP Personality Types As Business Analysts. Click here to read more about personality types and the Myers-Briggs Test.

  1. Does An ENFP Personality Type Have A Future In Computer Programming?

    Yes, an ENFP Personality Type has a future in computer programming on an individual by individual basis.

    The two (2) major reasons why you are having challenges in your computer programming career is: (1.) A lack of passion or personal interest in the work of a software developer and (2.) a lack of understanding of how to study programming languages.

    The pace of innovation in programming is high and besides that, each programming language like C# requires time for you to master it before moving on to another. As a matter of fact, we coach or advice people not to learn more than one programming language at a time until they truly become experts which is why you are way over your head.

    Regardless of your personality type, if you get in way over your head with programming, you are likely to become overwhelmed!

    So, there are a few solutions to your current work situation

    Burnt Out As A Sign of Career MisMatch

    Career burnout however is not good. It is a sign of career mismatch amongst other things.

    If you are working in an industry that you are passionate about, you are less likely to burn out ... that is why it\'s time for you to ... Do What You Love !

  2. The Future for ENFP Personality Types As Business Analysts

    A good career for you to consider as an ENFP Personality Type is the Business Analyst Career. Here are some of the reasons why I would recommend the Business Analyst Career for an ENFP like you ...

    • The Business Analyst Career is unlike the Computer Programmer career which depends more on the ability to repeat detailed, routine tasks without being bored.

    • As a business analyst, your ENFP people skills and interpersonal relationship skills will be useful at work and play a key role in your career success unlike in your current programmer career where inter-personal or people skills is not as relevant as a love or mastery of technology

    • Another good reason why a business analyst career will be better for you is that business analysis requires strong verbal and written communication skills which as an ENFP Personality Type you are probably naturally gifted with.

You are likely to get more job satisfaction

I appreciate the way you laid out your question in this post ... which is another example of your suitability for the business analyst career ... you provided all the background information that was needed to help you and you even structured your question into a Background - Current Situation - Problem - Question - AfterThought Format ... Good Job!

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Thank you very much for your answer. I appreciate the effort you\'ve gone to. The information is hugely insightful providing me with a better understanding and new ideas to explore.
Thank you for your question, it was very insightful too :-)
Please feel free to post more questions, comment or answer other BA questions and tell your friends about our services :-)
Have a great day
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We as business analysts don\'t have enough freedom to do creative things. Everyday is a routine, you run tests and work in mostly same topics all the time. There is also the lack of passion when its comes to programming .. I would say the last point is that we don\'t have enough contact with human being but machines. If we add the fact that we hate hierarchy and control, we are always disturbed by project managers or tech leads who wants everything to be done fast and perfect which leads to a high state of anxiety cause you can\'t focus on your work but on the deadlines and pleasing everyone(ENFPsss).
The best thing to do is to switch career, i know it\'s hard because it\'s been years but you have more years to do something new and innovative and passionating ! Good luck, everything is possible when we don\'t have more choices.
I am myself going thought a burn out episode i know it\'s so hard but we can do it ! ENFP are warriors and we won\'t stop until we have the things we desire.
hi @Nadsie! I hope you were ultimately able to find joy in your career ultimately. It is hard for us ENFPs! I had a similar path as you.