Are Developers Qualified to Gather Business Requirements?

Ask A Business Analyst - Career Coaching Question
Ask A Business Analyst - Career Coaching Question

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I here this every day. If you don’t have recent experience as a developer you are not qualified to gather the detailed business requirements.

How can I prove that I can do this without an opportunity to show my work?


Business analysts come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have a vast knowledge of intricate software coding and developing. Others have more of an overall understanding of how software and an IT departments function.

Can Non-IT Business Analysts Find BA Jobs?

Is there opportunity for someone to become a Business Analyst if not from an IT background?

I manage a Contact Centre so am using call centre software however have an Arts degree.

I am however very customer-focused and analytical so was wondering what course to take and opportunity there is within the BA industry for someone with my background?

Business Analysts come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have an in-depth knowledge of IT, while others have more of an overall understanding of how an IT department functions. Both require more experience than just an end-user hands-on use of one kind of software.

To complicate matters, not every company has the same requirements and expectations of the business analyst’s role. And, there are different kinds of business analysts.

The Requirements for Becoming a Successful Business Analyst

Write Better Requirements
Write Better Requirements
I am studying for my MBA and my bachelors is in computer engineering. I want to start a career in Business Analysis and I would be highly obliged if you tell me the requirements for becoming a successful business analyst.

Moreover, what platform am I supposed to work as business analyst like do i have to have some programming concepts?

I would be grateful if you tell me what is use cases and requirement documentation.

Will be looking forward to your useful answers.

thanks and regards

How to Write Good Business Requirements

How to Write Good Business Requirements

Write Better Requirements

Nearly "two-thirds of all IT projects fail" because of poor requirements.

This is one of the reasons why stakeholders, customers and interested parties argue over or fail to come to a consensus on the requirements or scope of a project.

In one project, requirements were being constantly rewritten, tossed out or reincorporated depending on who was in charge of the meeting.

In addition, time and budget overruns plagued the project because the parties could not agree on what each requirement really meant.

Finally, the implementation staff started resigning or asking to be transferred to other projects.