How To Switch Careers from Construction Management to Business Analysis

How Do I Start A Business Analyst Career?
How Do I Start A Business Analyst Career?

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I am an architect in the construction field with 8 years of experience in Construction Management. I am currently planning to switch careers and Business Analysis is my choice.

I have experience in the responsibilities required in this job. Requirement Elicitation, Interviews, Workshops….etc the main difference being the terminology is completely different and some of the documentation methods are different.

I did undergo training from QAI and i have taken up some courses in Software Testing.

Are Developers Qualified to Gather Business Requirements?

Ask A Business Analyst - Career Coaching Question
Ask A Business Analyst - Career Coaching Question

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Here Is A Business Analyst’s Coaching Question …

I here this every day. If you don’t have recent experience as a developer you are not qualified to gather the detailed business requirements.

How can I prove that I can do this without an opportunity to show my work?


Business analysts come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have a vast knowledge of intricate software coding and developing. Others have more of an overall understanding of how software and an IT departments function.

moving to business analyst from sqa (software quality assurance) job

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I am looking to have my Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team become more of business analysts.

I would like to receive any information on training I can add to their development plans.

How To Change Roles From Software Quality Assurance (SQA) To Business Analysis!

Much of what a business analyst does can overlap the job duties your Software Quality Assurance Analyst (SQA) team is already performing.

For instance, some organizations require that the business analyst be responsible for all or part of the software testing such as user acceptance testing.

how to do a business analyst job?

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Hello my coach (sounds so nice). I am been IT for about 15 years and need top get out as soon as yesterday.

I have reached the ceiling now – but I would like to be a team leader or a manager but to do something challenging.

So I decided that I would like to do a Business Analyst job – something that is different and beside it is lacking here in my department.

Can you tell more about BA`s job description, please? Thank you so much. Have a good day,

i want a career change from information technology to business analysis

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

I want to have a complete career change from Information Technology (IT) to Business Analysis

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

How To Change Careers from Information Technology To Business Analysis

Shifting careers can be a good choice if you are going after what you are passionate about. Are you passionate about a becoming a Business Analyst?

Have you put yourself in a position to spend some time around actual business analysts to become familiar and comfortable with what they do?

will a sales & marketing profile help me in becoming a business analyst?

I completed my engineering degree in electrical, in year 2010.

Presently I am working in a software company as a business development executive for mobile and ERP applications.

My job basically involves finding clients and telling them about the software services what my company offers

But, I wish to become a business analyst, so does my profile help me in getting in becoming a business analyst, or what is the future growth for my job i.e BDE?

Please suggest me as your precious advice might change my career

thanks and regards

i want to learn how to gather requirements for an enterprise system?

Write Better Requirements
Write Better Requirements

I am trying to gain enough technical awareness to assist in the gathering of requirements for an enterprise information system.

How to gather requirements for an enterprise system

One of the steps a business analyst uses in offering sound solutions to a business problem is the requirements phase.

This process is much like mining for gold in knowing how to determine what requirements are truly valuable and important, like real gold, and knowing what to throw back, as fools gold.

This phase consists of eliciting (gathering) the requirements, analyzing the requirements and documenting the requirements.

interested in sample use case documents

Hi ,   Thanks for the services provided.

I am new into this field and I am currently building on my knowledge base in business analysis.

However, without any practical example its difficult for me to understand the concepts well.  

Would you have any case studies or examples with you that I can practice and build diagrams/use cases on?   Please let me know in case you have any such material with you.  

how to handle conflicting requirements


Currently I’m running into the trouble that the customer is not available:( He is so fully occupied with the internal stuffs. And I have tons of unclear requirements waiting to be confirmed with him.

It seems there is no way to get him.

Also, the system is pretty large, so we divide into 2 groups and develop in parallel.

Hence there might be some functions that overlap each other.

Whenever the 2 parts get merged, a lot of conflicts and duplicates need to be cleared, which is really really a big headache.

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst

Hi, I have 5+ years OF experience in development as a senior software engineer over Microsoft technology.

I want to leave development as I am not interested in doing that anymore.

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst or project manager. Please suggest to me what other area are suitable.

I have a good background experience in technology and I am pursuing a PMP certification too.


For someone with a background in technology, there are many choices for continuing your career in an area of specialized professionalism.