Which MBA Specialization Would Enhance My BA / PM Career?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?

This question was submitted by Anit Patel, a Business Analyst & Software Tester from Sydney, Australia.

I have completed my B.E in Computer Engineering and my Masters in Information Technology (IT).

Now I am working in Software Testing from more than 4 years at the moment. Now, I am looking towards a career in Business Analysis or Project Mgmt.

I will also be more interested in doing BA in Banking Domain later on….

What would be the best way to proceed in my situation ?

How Do You Get A New Business Analyst Position?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?


I have over 15 years of IT experience, starting as an operator, then as a programmer and finally as an analyst.

I have taken several classes for Business Analyst and Project Management training.

Yet, I still can’t land a new position as a Business Analyst.

What would you suggest I try next ?


How Do You Get A New Business Analyst Position?

how to do a business analyst job?

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Hello my coach (sounds so nice). I am been IT for about 15 years and need top get out as soon as yesterday.

I have reached the ceiling now – but I would like to be a team leader or a manager but to do something challenging.

So I decided that I would like to do a Business Analyst job – something that is different and beside it is lacking here in my department.

Can you tell more about BA`s job description, please? Thank you so much. Have a good day,

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Business Analyst Careers

I am searching for How To Become A Business Analyst.

I need to get my thinking straight about the career.

What is the job outlook for entry level business analysts?
What are the misconceptions about theindustry?
What are the wrong turns for a newbei business analyst?


The Business Analysis industry has experienced a significant growth in the last decade.

According to a market analysis, there has been 45% growth in analyst positions between 1990 and 2005, offering increasing opportunities every following year.

By 2014, 27% more growth is expected.