Which MBA Specialization Would Enhance My BA / PM Career?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?

This question was submitted by Anit Patel, a Business Analyst & Software Tester from Sydney, Australia.

I have completed my B.E in Computer Engineering and my Masters in Information Technology (IT).

Now I am working in Software Testing from more than 4 years at the moment. Now, I am looking towards a career in Business Analysis or Project Mgmt.

I will also be more interested in doing BA in Banking Domain later on….

What would be the best way to proceed in my situation ?

Will a Business Analyst Fresher Fit in a Healthcare Industry?

How Do I Start A Business Analyst Career?
How Do I Start A Business Analyst Career?

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I am a homemaker . I have done my bachelors in microbiology, genetics and chemistry 6 yrs back ..Then I pursued MBA in HR and Marketing .. Will I fit in healthcare industry if I start my BA coaching??

The Right Study Program for Professional Business Analysts Is?

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

This post answers a question submitted by Elena who is “looking for the right study program for becoming a professional business analyst”.

There is an old comedy sketch quoted by many that tells of a young man asking directions in New York City.

He stops a man on the street and asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” to which the man replies, “practice, my son practice.

That is how it is with becoming a professional business analyst. Practice and proven performance are looked upon with more favor than a degree or certification, even the much touted MBA.

While a resume’ filled with degrees looks good, those hiring in the Business Analyst industry are actually more interested in your performance on the job in the face of constant changes in the industry!

how to orient my career from web producer to junior business analyst

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The current challenge will be finding the right process to re-orient my career from Web Producer to a introductory Junior position as Business Analyst.

I don’t hold any qualification in Business neither as Business Analyst but I am fully dedicated to becoming one.

I have just started reading books and doing research about this position and the responsibilities it entails.

I have studied Communication Studies and handle Web Producer responsibilities for 2 years.

I would very appreciated any information or tips on how to get into that field of work.

how can i move forward in becoming a ba?

certified book smart, now what?
certified book smart, now what?

I am an engineer in electronics then I got my MBA (Marketing & IT)

I studied subjects like data mining, Business Intelligence, landed in a wrong job through placements in my college.

Right now working in HCL a reputed brand of system Integrator, all things sounds very rosy

However for the past 6 months i have learned nothing, I guess I was the top performer during my training at the company.

I feel i have enough qualification to become a BA and I will do whatever it takes.

domain knowledge required for a business analyst in healthcare or insurance

job interview in progress
job interview in progress

Hi,   I’ve gone through your website and i found your site to be extremely useful.  

I’m Raj. i’ve four years of experience in healthcare (worked as a subject matter expert).

Our client was one of the largest insurance companies in UK.

I do have good domain knowledge in Claims, underwriting. I also worked on crystal reports and Xcelsius etc.

Now i would like to go as a Business analyst.   I did my masters in Business administration.

For my masters i left my job and the gap is around 16  months.  

how to get my first business analyst job

job interview in progress
job interview in progress

I want to get my foot on the ladder and get my very 1st business analyst job.

I have even considered working voluntarily but such jobs are hard to come by.

How To Get Your First Business Analyst Job

Getting your foot on the ladder to climb into your very first business analyst job requires taking one step at a time till you reach your goal.

The good news is that the ladder is fairly short, containing six rungs to step upon in order to be lifted up into a business analyst position.

Can Non-IT Business Analysts Find BA Jobs?

Is there opportunity for someone to become a Business Analyst if not from an IT background?

I manage a Contact Centre so am using call centre software however have an Arts degree.

I am however very customer-focused and analytical so was wondering what course to take and opportunity there is within the BA industry for someone with my background?

Business Analysts come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have an in-depth knowledge of IT, while others have more of an overall understanding of how an IT department functions. Both require more experience than just an end-user hands-on use of one kind of software.

To complicate matters, not every company has the same requirements and expectations of the business analyst’s role. And, there are different kinds of business analysts.