how do i acquire formal business analysis education or training?

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How do i acquire the formal business analysis education or training?

How much time I need to spend for such type of training? 

Kindly guide in this matter. thanks & Regards,

How To Acquire Formal Business Analysis Training or Education

Imagine allowing a surgeon to operate on your heart or your brain when he has not yet been exposed to hands-on experience or practice. That would be ludicrous!

He may have sat through lectures or read medical books, but from the patient’s perspective, until he receives that hands-on skill-base training; there is too much to risk.

how do i steer my career towards business analysis from technical writer

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

Hello, I am currently working as a lead Technical Writer with over 5 yrs of experience.

How do I steer my career towards Business Analysis.

I’m not sure which specific area in Business Analysis or how I can go about it

Even if I do a course in analysis, how can I get a break in Business Analysis with no actual experience in that line.

Any suggestions would help, Thanks

Coaching On How To Start A Business Analyst Job From A Technical Writer Career

There are many skills a business analyst uses to go about his or her duties.

what courses should i take to become a successful business analyst?

Hello, I want to be a business analysis in the near future. I am studying at Seattle Central Community College majoring in Business.

I’m not sure what steps and courses should I take to become a successful analysis since it’s kind of a new branch of business world.

Therefore, i will be very grateful if you point out for me some information and examples so that I can prepare and lead my own life smoothly and effectively.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

looking for physical classroom business analyst training course

I have completed my engineering in I.T. & currently looking for the, complete physical classroom training course for the role of Business analyst.

Please let me know the institutions that provide such courses for the freshers.

Training courses for Business Analysts come in two forms: the physical classroom and online.

The classroom setting is the traditional format, but just because it has been done this way in the past doesn’t make it the best choice.

Albert Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

how to handle conflicting requirements


Currently I’m running into the trouble that the customer is not available:( He is so fully occupied with the internal stuffs. And I have tons of unclear requirements waiting to be confirmed with him.

It seems there is no way to get him.

Also, the system is pretty large, so we divide into 2 groups and develop in parallel.

Hence there might be some functions that overlap each other.

Whenever the 2 parts get merged, a lot of conflicts and duplicates need to be cleared, which is really really a big headache.