How To Become a Business Analyst from an Admin Role?

How Do I Start A Business Analyst Career?
How Do I Start A Business Analyst Career?

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I acquired an ND (National Diploma) in IT (Information Technology) 5 years ago but, i never got an opportunity to work for an IT company ever since.

The issue has always been experience and no luck with my applications for junior positions.

I want to be a BUSINESS Analyst. I always make this clear with all my other interviews, but i always get the wrong job. I am currently working as Admin training Coordinator.

The Right Study Program for Professional Business Analysts Is?

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

This post answers a question submitted by Elena who is “looking for the right study program for becoming a professional business analyst”.

There is an old comedy sketch quoted by many that tells of a young man asking directions in New York City.

He stops a man on the street and asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” to which the man replies, “practice, my son practice.

That is how it is with becoming a professional business analyst. Practice and proven performance are looked upon with more favor than a degree or certification, even the much touted MBA.

While a resume’ filled with degrees looks good, those hiring in the Business Analyst industry are actually more interested in your performance on the job in the face of constant changes in the industry!

Do You Need a College Degree To Become A Business Analyst?

Do You Need a College Degree To Become A Business Analyst?

certified book smart, now what?
certified book smart, now what?
Greetings, my questions is very simple …

“Do you need a degree to become a DBA or a Business Anaylst?”

I have returned to school to complete my degree in “Business Administration, Business Information Systems” and I have reestablished
my interest in database management but my school only touches the surface of the subject.

Do You Need a College Degree To Become A Business Analyst?

When you visit a doctor for the first time, you are, no doubt, assured when you see a framed diploma on the wall in his office.

In College, Which Courses Do I Take To Become A Business Analyst?

In College, Now What To Do?
In College, Now What To Do?

I want to become a Business Analyst what must I study in college to become one now?

I am currently doing my Btech in Information Technology (IT) and in my second year and I need guidance on how to become a successful lady in the IT / business analysis field.


College Courses to Take for Business Analysts

Business analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, with a diverse work and educational history.

Systems Analyst or Database Developer Classes, Which Is Relevant?

I am 1 class away from receiving my BSIS in database development. The school’s focus was on Oracle. My last two classes, which I am currently enrolled take it one step further to teach Building Internet Applications.

However, I don’t feel with a Bachelor’s in Business and soon a Bachelors in Information Systems, that I am knowledgeable and skilled enough to even get a job interview, which is proving to be very daunting.

I would love to be a systems analyst, but I don’t believe I can ever move to that position until I at least have worked as a developer for a while.