How Do I Start A Business Analysis Career?

How Do I Start A Business Analysis Career?
You Are Hired!
You Are Hired!

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Hi there,

I am a science graduate who has recently completed an ISEB diploma in Business Analysis and am currently teaching myself PRINCE2.

However the biggest stumbling block I, and I’m sure many others, are finding is that since I am at the start of my career (25), no one will give you that critical first job to let you get some experience.

As such I was wondering if there is any advice anyone could offer, either on how to become a BA or which other jobs I could look at to help get some relevant experience in another role.

what do i need to prepare for a business analyst job interview?

what do i need to prepare for a business analyst job interview?
job interview in progress
job interview in progress

what all i need to prepare for the job.what all is asked and which are the companies that offer this position

Congratulations, you got the call! A company wants you to come in for a job interview.

Now what? You’ve gone through the hard work of preparing and finding companies to submit your resume to.

Now, it’s time to shine. The interview is your “five minutes of fame”.

It would be a shame to put time and effort into training and searching for a job only to spoil your opportunity because you’re not prepared for the interview.

What Does It Take to Become a Business Analyst?

I am aspiring to become an IT / Software business analyst.

What are the basic qualification needed to become a business analyst?

What It Takes To Become A Business Analyst?
A business analyst is a liaison between the business process and IT group.

He or she is expected to have business process improvement experience and an IT background.

A degree in engineering or computer science, finance or business will suffice as far as academic qualifications are concerned.

But let me tell you this, it does not stop at that. You require more than a degree to get a business analysis job.