Should I Begin My Career As A Domain Business Analyst?

It is a tough job market for business analysts and many are concluding that they would have better success as a domain business analyst in a tight job market!

So, the question is: “Should A Beginner BA Start As A Domain Business Analyst” specializing in Finance, Publishing or some other domain?

We Recommend That A Beginner Business Analyst Should Consider Becoming a Generalist Before Becoming A Specialist And Here Is Why:

  1. Step One: what makes you a business analyst – whether you decide to be a domain business analyst specializing in pharmaceutical, finance, publishing etc…or not, you first have to address the question, what makes you a business analyst and Is that your domain knowledge? Specializing in a domain is not what makes you a domain business analyst, so you have to be careful with assumptions like that, ok?
  2. Step Two:get trained in business analysis – your first goal should really be to become a business analyst and not necessarily a domain business analyst. What that means is that you should learn everything that you can about business analysis or become the best business analyst you can be!
  3. Step Three: get business analysis hands-on experience – then look for business analysis work and start doing it. You may actually end up finding that you are hired as a domain business analyst, for example as an e-commerce business analyst . Or you may discover that you have to work as an intern or volunteer before someone will give you a job …
  4. Step Four: choose a business analyst domain – A domain business analyst is a business analyst who has specialized in a specific domain. I would say that trying to specialize in a business analysis domain first before becoming a business analyst is like putting the cart before the horse. After you become a business analyst, you may choose to specialize in an industry that you already have some background, education or experience in. If you have been working in the marketing and sales industry before you become a business analyst, it makes sense that you will go to become a marketing and sales business analyst

I hope that this answers your question. In addition, I encourage you to become a business analyst then become a domain business analyst by transitioning to an industry that you have some background, experience or exposure to … that way, you will have the right background for the industry.

In this issue, we have addressed the question of whether a beginner business analyst should start out as a business analyst domain specialist or as a business analyst generalist!

If you have any questions about this or any aspects of your business analyst career, be sure to post it here as a comment and we will answer it for you, ok?

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