Should I Become A Business Analyst?

A question asked by one the aspiring business analysts brings to light a question that has been asked several times. So I think it best to answer it now:

So, here are the questions, with my answers:<.p>

Q: Should I Become A Business Analyst with a Java Background?

I have been working as a Java & DB2 developer for several years.

Though I have not had too many opportunities to actually code, I have a good knowledge of the system and processes.

There has been a lot of stress with the roles that I have been performing … which have been varied and not restricted to software development.

I want a role which will let me focus on one task and grow into it.

I feel that, should I take up the path of a business or system analyst, I will be able t focus on just that one role or task.

Please advice on the opportunities and life as a BA.

A. Do Business Analysts Perform Just One Task

Business Analysts perform a variety of tasks in companies, such as: leading teams, acting as liaisons between software developers and business management, identifying inefficiency and prescribing effective remedies to those problems; presenting concise data analysis to business owners and management, as well as many other tasks.

It sounds like you might want to stay a developer and simply find a company that knows that can give you better, more rewarding work in software development.

Look for employers who will take the time to interview and find out your interests and passions and then give you work suitable for your skill sets.

I would not advise you to pursue the business analyst career path based on the assumption that you will only have to do one thing as a business analyst. Business Analysts actually have to multi-task … perhaps even more than software developers.

Your problem will not be solved by changing careers to business analysis but by working for an employer that will take the time to manage you and give you better, more suitable work.

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