The Roles or Duties of a Business Analyst

Here is a question on the roles or duties of a business analyst.


I want to become a business analyst. My working experience includes Web site editing or developing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

I am also pursuing an MBA but I don’t know what I should do to become a business analyst?

Can you guide me ?

With the IT industry experiencing growth by leaps and bounds, the role of a business analyst has become a buzzword in many business organizations.

How To Become A Healthcare Domain Business Analyst

A lot of business analysts want to specialize in a business analyst domain like healthcare, pharmaceutical or life sciences because these business analysis domains are perceived as being more stable in the economy.

This business analyst carer issue answers some of the questions on how to bridge the gap between IT Business Analysis and Domain Business Analysis and especially how to specialize in the Healthcare Business Analyst Industry!

Answers to the Question – How To Become A Healthcare Business Analyst

  1. Career Assessment – Start by answering or qualifying why becoming a healthcare business analyst is the best option for you considering that there are several business analysis domains and you can also become an IT Business Analyst without being a Domain BA.

The Power of Requirements Analysis Part One

What is a Requirement?

Software is everywhere in our lives today. From your online banking system to your microwave oven, software applications play a vital role in everyday life. Why do we rely so heavily on software applications? The reason is that they achieve a goal or solve a problem for us. In other words, they have properties that fill a need for the user.

A Requirement is the description of the properties of a product that satisfy the consumer’s need.

Put a different way: A Requirement is a condition or capability needed by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective (IIBA, 2008)