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moving to business analyst from sqa (software quality assurance) job
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I am looking to have my Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team become more of business analysts.

I would like to receive any information on training I can add to their development plans.

How To Change Roles From Software Quality Assurance (SQA) To Business Analysis!

Much of what a business analyst does can overlap the job duties your Software Quality Assurance Analyst (SQA) team is already performing.

For instance, some organizations require that the business analyst be responsible for all or part of the software testing such as user acceptance testing.

The Business Analyst might also assist in writing test plans or even test cases.

Your Software Quality Assurance Analyst team members most likely already have a background in programming languages and a good understanding of Use Cases and Requirements.

Similar to the work of a business analyst, the Software Quality Analyst works within the context of a software development process to derive test cases given project requirements.

Examine closely the work that your team members currently perform because they are much closer to becoming business analysts than you may realize.

You are asking the right questions, and in this post you will learn: "How to bridge the gap between the skills of a Software Quality Assurance Analyst and a Business Analyst".

Comparing Business Analysts (BA) to Software Quality Assurance Analysts (SQA)

Start by making a list comparing the work performed by SQAs with the work expected of a business analyst within your specific organization.

For starters, your SQA team probably already attends requirements meetings with business analysts. They also create quality assurance plans for ensuring that your products are free of defect, based upon users requirements.

The SQA does this by working individually or as part of a team that is developing software that is designed to meet desired requirements of the product managers, stakeholders and software development managers.

This type of requires strong communication skills which are skills also used by Business Analysts.

In addition, software testers are professionals in Quality Assurance. As such, they enforce quality standards that ensure business requirements are met.

Like a business analyst, software testers also have excellent written communication skills.

Based upon meetings with software developers, business analysts, product managers and end users, they write test plans, test cases, quality assurance policies, documents and procedures.

By working closely with BAs, they are skilled at what goes into deriving test cases from Use Cases.

From Software Quality Assurance (SQA) to Business Analyst (BA)

Get your SQAs involved in the process of gathering requirements and writing Use Cases.

While your SQA currently prepare or setup testing environments and reports bugs or defects, get them involved in the different aspects of software development handled by a business analyst.

This includes requirements, testing and change management phase.

Let the SQAs work with business analysts during the requirements and analysis phase of a project.

Let them also work with software developers and business users in creating quality requirements or enforcing quality wherever necessary.

Let your SQAs look at their work from the eyes of the stakeholders, the end users and / or customers.

Finally, get your SQA fully involved with gathering requirements, eliciting requirements, modeling requirements, validating requirements and documenting requirements.

Bridge The Business Analyst Skills Gap Through Training

Bridge the gap from SQA to BA. Get your SQAs hands-on training in learning how to gather requirements or perform the aspects of a Business Analyst\'s job which they are not currently involved with.

The fastest, most convenient and affordable way to give your SQA team members the training they need is through an online training course like Business Analyst Boot Camp.

The business analyst boot camp line of courses offers training 24 hours a day worldwide.

This online course will provide training for your SQAs on the duties performed by business analysts.

That is why the business analyst boot camp online training includes, as part of their extensive training, a software testing course from the standpoint of business analysts!

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  1. Do Software Quality Assurance Analysts (SQAs) Perform Business Analyst Duties?

    Start by recognizing the common ground between the work that business analysts and software quality assurance analysts (SQAs) share at your organization!

    Business analysts in some organizations are responsible for part or all software testing including user acceptance testing.

    Business Analysts may assist or be responsible for writing test plans, test cases and in some situations test cases.

    That is part of the reason why the business analyst boot camp online training includes a software testing course from the standpoint of business analysts.

    As Software Quality Assurance Analyst (SQAs), your team members probably attend requirements meetings with business analysts and work closely with business analysts in deriving test cases from Use Cases.

    So, look closely at the work that your team members do because they are much closer to becoming business analysts than you may realize :-)

  2. Bridge the Gap Between Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Business Analysis

    Transition some of the overlapping business analyst duties or roles to your Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analysts.

    Have your SQAs involved with gathering requirements and writing Use Cases and not just focusing on writing Test Cases.

    Get your SQA fully involved with gathering requirements, eliciting requirements, modeling requirements, validating requirements, documenting requirements.

    We would be glad to help your organization train their Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analysts. Just Contact Us and we will get the training started for you right away!