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is programming experience ideal for a business analyst job?
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I am from England. I have done my bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Computer Science with ICT Management.

Everywhere, there is a demand of programmers but I do not want to do coding very much because I do not like coding.

Also that is the reason that I am not very high skilled in programming too.

Please Suggest me which field is best for me in IT. Basically I think I would like to go for Business Analyst because of very less coding.

But for this position companies want industrial experience that I don\'t have. Please tell me what to do.

Coaching on how to start a business analyst career from a computer science background

Computer programming is a highly-paid career that is constantly in demand.

But if your heart isn\'t in it, programming can easily become more of a chore than an enjoyable career rather.

Whether you use your skills to become a programmer or decide to pursue another part of the Information Technology (IT) field, such as a business analyst, should be determined on which career you are passionate about.

Ultimately, you should do what you love as you have already discovered that programming and coding is not something you fully desire.

Now, it\'s time to determine what you are passionate about.

If you pursue your passion, you are far more likely to succeed at what you do and enjoy it in the process.

Do What You Love - Business Analysis!

Think about what interests you.

What expertise, knowledge, training or experience do you have?

Discover your passion by asking yourself questions like:

  1. What do you love?

  2. What are you passionate about?

  3. What do you do better than others?

  4. What do you enjoy doing?

  5. What are your hobbies?

  6. How do you enjoy spending free time?

Once you have the answers to these questions, make a list of your strengths and desires.

Then, make a list of various Information Technology jobs and their matching skill requirements; including those skills needed to be a business analyst.

Compare the two (2) lists to determine which career best lines up with your passion.

Then, fill the gaps through self study, coaching or training to attain the skills needed to land this position.

Bridge The Business Analyst Skills Gap and Gain Experience

If you want to pursue becoming a business analyst, you might first consider a job that will allow you to transition into that career.

One job that does not require a great deal of coding, and you will be able to get quickly with your background, is software testing or quality assurance.

With your current knowledge and skill level, you would be able to apply and get hired fairly quickly in this type of job.

This position requires skills and knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) along with some amount of coding or scripting ability.

This part of the Information Technology (IT) field would not require all-day programming or a lot of coding, which you are wanting to steer clear of.

One major benefit of this type of job is that it will serve as a great career to fill the gap while you learn the skills and gain the experience needed to become a business analyst.

If you decide you want to use this position as a springboard toward becoming a business analyst, you will be able to acquire many skills you will use in the business analyst career.

Gain The Required Business Analyst Experience

Learning to become a business analyst requires experience.

You can gain this needed experience while employed in the IT field without having to use heavy programming skills and coding which you already dread.

Use this transitional job as a step toward a business analyst career because you will gain needed experience of user acceptance testing of products or quality assurance testing which are skills used by business analysts.

You can also spend this time seeking coaching toward a business analyst position to get even more hands-on experience. Look into the business analyst boot camp training program for this.

When you\'re ready to move into the career of a business analyst, your time spent gaining skills and experience will be valuable.

Best yet, you can achieve your goal of becoming a business analyst while being gainfully employed by using the skills that you already have make your work tiring!

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  • Do What You Love!

    Yes, you are right in saying that computer programmers are in-demand wherever they go ... they are highly paid too!

    However computer programming is a tough job to do, if you are not passionate about it.

    That is why I recommend that you \"Do What You Love!\" and not necessarily what makes money or what is in fashion!

  • From Software Testing / Quality Assurance To A Business Analyst Career

    One career that you can transition into that does not require a lot of coding is Software Testing or Quality Assurance.

    The job of a Software Quality Assurance Analyst or Software Tester requires a knowledge of the Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) and some scripting or coding skills.

    It does not require a heavy amount of coding and it may be a good intermediate career for someone like yourself because you can immediately apply your coding background.

    It may also be a stepping stone to business analysis for you because many business analysts are responsible for the user acceptance testing of their products or even the quality assurance testing.

To become business analyst i needed any management degree like MBA?
You do not need a Management Degree or an MBA to become a Business Analyst as long as you have a college degree!
You know why?
A college degree any college degree is sufficient because an MBA or a Management Degree does not teach you business analysis.
As far as employers are concerned, any College Degree will satisfy the educational requirements but a college degree or a masters or a doctoral degree will not teach you business analysis!
Click here to read the definitive answer to this question: \"Is An MBA Required for Business Analyst Job\"
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