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is it too late to become a business analyst?
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Hi, Presently I am working with Life Insurance Industry since last 6.5yrs and prior to that I was with sales in Resort Membership card for 5yrs.

I have done M.T.A.(Master of Tourism Administration).

I met a Business Analyst and he has suggested me to be in this (business Analyst) career.

Since then I am looking forward for right advice and information.

I am 40yrs old and with 11yrs experience.

Will it be possible for me to get into this career? Pls suggest.

Coaching on Age Requirement for Business Analysts

Focusing, thinking or worrying about your Age will only hinder you and contribute little, if anything, to you becoming a business analyst.

Many contributions to society have been accomplished by people who didn\'t get their career off and running until well after their 40th birthday.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, for instance, began writing in her 40\'s and did not publish her well-known Little House on the Prairie works until well into her 60\'s.

Another writer, Nirad C. Chaudhuri, wrote his autobiography at the age of 54, penning his final well-known writing, Three Horseman of the New Apocalypse, at the age of 100.

Similarly, a business analyst career in the Information Technology industry, is based more on performance than age or any other factor.

Performing the job well can be done by a mature adult who has taken the time to learn the skills needed, whether her or she is young or old.

It truly is never too late to pursue your dream of becoming a business analyst.

This may sound like suggesting you chase after the illusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but it is really possible if you are pursuing a career that you love.

What you really need to determine is whether or not you want to pursue becoming a business analyst.

Is becoming a business analyst your dream or passion?

If your dream includes becoming a business analyst, pursue it.

Here are steps to take to determine what your true passion is and fulfilling your desires after your discover it.

Are your passionate about becoming a business analyst?

The first step to take is to conduct an evaluation as to what you are passionate about.

Your passion is what will motivate you and give you the drive needed to do what you love doing.

Evaluate your passion by asking yourself a series of questions, such as:

  1. What do you enjoy doing?

  2. What things do others say you do well? (This is not what others say they want for you or what their dream is for you.

    This question directs you to consider compliments, encouragements or recommendations you have received from others.)

  3. If all your bills were paid and you had plenty of time, what would you choose to do?

Evaluate Your Passion For Business Analysis As A Career

Now that you have a good idea of where you shine, the real question to ask is:

"Why do you want to pursue a business analyst career?"

Begin by making a list of what is expected of a business analyst.

Some of the skills needed to be a qualified business analyst are:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Negotiating skills

  • Managerial skills

  • Time management and personal organization skills

  • Decision-making skills

  • Project management knowledge

  • Analytical skills

  • Object-oriented analysis skills

  • Administrative skills

  • Evaluation skills

  • Reporting skills

  • Business Requirements Document (BRD) skill

  • Analysis and business requirements, planning and documentation techniques

  • Technical skills

  • Software Development systems

  • Business Process knowledge

  • Technical writing

  • Complex modeling techniques

  • Use case knowledge

  • Strategic planning skills

As you answer the question of why you want to pursue this position, include all of your reasons that make the job of a business analyst appealing to you.

Really think your questions through with answers that reflect why you, personally, would like to do the job of business analyst.

If you find yourself including reasons like, "a friend recommended it" or "because it pays well and is fashionable", keep asking until your answers reflect your desires, not the desires of others.

It will be you loving or dreading going to work at your new career, not your friends, paycheck, statistics or researchers with well-meaning advice.

If, however, your reasons why you want to become a business analyst match answers given while discovering your passion, you\'re on the right track.

Learn Business Analysis Through Coaching

If, after evaluating what your passion is, you find you really do want to pursue becoming a business analyst, take action toward that goal.

Do not even give your age a second thought.

Concentrate on what you love and desire to do.

If a business analyst career really is your dream career, then it is time to begin taking steps to get there.

This step may take time but is readily accessible through self-study and coaching where you can gain hands-on experience.

To a potential client, this experience will mean far more than the number of years you\'ve been alive.

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    Think of some good, original or genuine reasons why you want to become a business analyst!

Thanks a lot, i have enrolled on some courses to qualify as a BA. Keep on having a doubt on my mind if I would be able to get a leg in, because of my age . Reading the above has given me the encouragement that I need.
what age do you have to be to become a business analyst