interested in sample use case documents

Hi ,   Thanks for the services provided.

I am new into this field and I am currently building on my knowledge base in business analysis.

However, without any practical example its difficult for me to understand the concepts well.  

Would you have any case studies or examples with you that I can practice and build diagrams/use cases on?   Please let me know in case you have any such material with you.  

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One Response to "interested in sample use case documents"

  1. Business Analysts Training   May 9, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    You need to understand the basic structure of a Use Case document, so you can create them by yourself or download a sample Use Case and understand how to use it!

    A Use Case document includes these elements:

    • A Use Case has a Name

    • A Use Case has a Description

    • A Use Case has a Goal

    • A Use Case has a Precondition

    • A Use Case has Actor(s) and a System

    • A Use Case has a Basic Flow

    • A Use Case has an Alternate Flow

    • A Use Case has an Exception Flow

    • A Use Case has a Post Condition

    • Here is a detailed post on how to write a Use Case document


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