In College, Which Courses Do I Take To Become A Business Analyst?

In College, Now What To Do?
In College, Now What To Do?

I want to become a Business Analyst what must I study in college to become one now?

I am currently doing my Btech in Information Technology (IT) and in my second year and I need guidance on how to become a successful lady in the IT / business analysis field.


College Courses to Take for Business Analysts

Business analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, with a diverse work and educational history.

What matters is how well you do the job and not the specifics of your college major or courses. That is because, regardless of your college major / courses, you will still, first you have to prove that you are a competent and skilled business analyst to a hiring manager.

If you gain the knowledge, training, and hands-on experience you need to do the job; you will succeed as a business analyst. So, start by finishing your college education, which is one step towards becoming a business analyst.

Some business analyst job listings include a bachelors degree with no specification as to what major / line / courses to study. Others are more specific, requiring a computer science, business administration, or related degree.

Most colleges will not offer you professional, work related business analysis courses, however you can still prepare yourself for the B.A> career by making sure you complete the courses that are related to the field.

There are domain business analysts who are not generalized IT Business Analysts, and there are business analysts who specialize in a particular domain, such as finance, healthcare or customer relations management.

Even if you don’t want to be an IT Business Analyst, it is a good idea to learn as much about the software development process. So, during your college education, be sure to enroll, complete and learn as much as you can from the following courses:

Take Computer Science Courses in College

You do not need to take advanced level computer science courses or learn detailed coding or become fluent in specific programming languages, but at least a basic level of computer science courses will benefit you.

As a business analyst, one of the very likely placed of work is withing the IT department, and with software developers. So, courses that will help you understand the basics of technology, including computer science college courses, can help you relate better to the coding that software developers do.

Computer science courses will also give you a general understanding of how the technical work is performed in any Information Technology (IT) department.

Take Information (IT) / Systems Analysis Courses in College

Information /Systems Analysis courses will help you gain understanding of a variety of systems within the Information Technology (IT) department.

Some of these courses include; networking courses, software courses, digital records management courses, information access courses, information structures courses, introduction to Information Technology courses, Human / computer interaction courses, database management courses, information retrieval courses: structures and algorithms courses, information retrieval courses: User-centered design courses, User Interface (UI) courses, User Interaction courses, database management courses SQL Query Writing courses, data analysis courses

Computer science course may also cover the different approaches to systems analysis and techniques for documenting or manipulating results. These courses might also cover object-oriented analysis and techniques from Unified Modeling Language (UML), or more.

Take Writing and Communication Courses in College

Communication is key to what a business analyst does. You will need to, in a sense, be bi-lingual because you will need to understand the language of business as well as the language of Information Technology (IT).

You can gain all the listed technical skills above and still not make it as a business analyst, simply because of a failure to communicate well!

The business analyst who can communicate problems and their potential solutions to both business technical users is marked for success.

Many colleges offer a technical writing course, as well as a general business writing course. At the very least, take a good English communication (speaking and/or writing) class.

Take Business Management Courses in College

A business analyst is responsible for the communications between the business side and the software development / technical side.

So, learning as much as you can about business management in college, can come in handy as it will give you a general understanding of how business works, and how to interact with business users.

Take Domain Specialized Courses in College

As a business analyst, you can choose to specialize in one, specific, domain. These domains include banking & finance, Customer Relations Management (CRM), healthcare, and more.

If you want to specialize in a domain, make sure you take related courses for that domain. For instance, if you want to be a banking & finance business analyst, be sure to take accounting and finance courses in college, OK?

You do not need to become an expert in every domain. However, a general overview of all aspects of the business analyst’s job will give you a solid foundation after you receive your college degree and begin to look for a job in the business analyst field.

Finally, don’t waste your time warming a seat in the lecture halls. Take the time to really delve into each course and learn as much as you can now, so that your future career path will be paved with gold!

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5 Responses to "In College, Which Courses Do I Take To Become A Business Analyst?"

  1. Business Analyst Coaching & Training   April 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Many colleges do not offer business analysis courses. However, you can prepare yourself for a business analysts career by paying attention to some courses.

    1. Study computer science courses because that will help you relate to the coding that the software developers that you may work with do.

    2. Study Information / Systems Analysis courses as they may help you get a better idea of how different systems (networking, software, etc) are integrated into one functional Information Technology (IT) department.

    3. Study writing and communication courses because a key part of the work that you will perform as a business analyst involves communicating problems or solutions to business / technical users.

    4. Study business management courses as they will help you understand or relate to business users. Business Analysts also work in specialized domains like Accounting and Finance, so taking any of those courses in addition to business courses can be helpful.

    5. Work on your interpersonal skills, communication skills, verbal skills, writing skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, public speaking skills and leadership skills because if you study all these other courses and you don’t have any of these, you will find it hard to get a job.

    Thanks and Best Wishes

  2. Piard Ludgernia (Los Angeles, California)   April 15, 2012 at 7:27 PM

    What types of classes do i need to take to earn a business diploma?

    • Business Analysts Training   April 21, 2012 at 8:56 AM

      Piard, this post answers questions about business diploma / courses.

      What else can we do for you?

  3. Imran (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)   April 16, 2012 at 6:59 AM

    how much is the course fee?


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