I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst

Hi, I have 5+ years OF experience in development as a senior software engineer over Microsoft technology.

I want to leave development as I am not interested in doing that anymore.

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst or project manager. Please suggest to me what other area are suitable.

I have a good background experience in technology and I am pursuing a PMP certification too.


For someone with a background in technology, there are many choices for continuing your career in an area of specialized professionalism.

One is Information Technology(IT) Business Analyst. Another is Technical Project Manager (TPM). Both the IT Business Analyst and the Technical Project Manager hold a promising future. It’s just a matter of determining which one is the best fit for you.

Comparing Project Management To Business Analyst:

Upon first look, some of the roles between a Project Manager and a Business Analyst seem to overlap. Some even appear to conflict with each other.

When you look closer, you realize that ideally, both work together – with the Business Analyst providing counsel to the Project Manager.

The Project Manager oversees and is responsible for the entire project, while the Business Analyst is concerned with creating a quality solution and communicating with all involved to bridge a gap.

To determine which one is best for you to pursue, make two lists.

Begin to research the differences between a Project Manager’s job and a Business Analysts job, jotting down each characteristic under the appropriate list as you go. Some of the major differences include:

Project Manager

  1. Works With The Big Picture of a Project from Start to Finish
  2. First point of contact for a project
  3. Responsible for success or failure of a project
  4. Oversee all phases of software development and IT project
  5. Final Authority on Who Does What Work on a Project
  6. Delegate Tasks
  7. Establish time lines for completion
  8. Ensure projects are under budget
  9. Manage risks and costs
  10. Allocates resources
  11. Monitors progress
  12. Works within requirements provided by Business Analyst

Business Analyst

  • Works with the Details of a Project
  • Bridges the Gap Between Management and Software Developers
  • Gather requirements at beginning of project
  • Provide Requirements to Project Manager
  • Documents Requirements
  • Validate Requirements
  • Works with stakeholders, users and management with Users Stories, Use Cases and UML
  • Reports to Project Manager

What Type Of Work Is Best For Me?

Generally speaking, if you enjoy the big picture view and want sole responsibility of the process from beginning to end, then the Project Management career may be the better fit for you.

If, you enjoy the details of analyzing, problem solving, and defining solutions, then a Business Analyst career may be the better fit for you.

The best type of work for you depends upon what you enjoy doing. What do you love to do? – what type of work are you passionate about doing?

If you already know yourself well, make a list of your strengths and your weaknesses. Now focus on your career – what kind of jobs you do well, compared to those you do not perform well at.

If you have not done so already, or if you have trouble coming up with enough answers to these questions, take a personality profile.

A job counselor, or placement agency, should be able to administer these tests or recommend someone who can.

Some tests are available online, in a shortened form. One of the most comprehensive personality profile tests is the Myers-Briggs.

In its entirely, it is a quite lengthy test to gain a complete, precise, indication of your personality make-up. At the end of the test, a computer generates your answers and compiles it into a combination of categories, based upon four main characteristics.

From this, you are given a printout explaining what it means – which includes a break down of the type of career in which your personality is most likely to succeed.

Now that you know the differences between what a Project Manager and a Business Analyst does, you can match their qualifications against your personality and your passion. Choose the one that checks out the best, and pursue it.

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  1. Business Analyst Coaching & Training   April 12, 2011 at 7:32 AM
    1. Comparing Project Management To Business Analyst Career Paths

      Start by researching the differences between a Project Manager’s job and a Business Analysts job. Unless you are clear about the differences you may not be able to pick or choose one of these career paths over the other.

      For reference purposes, read this post titled: “IS A Project Manager or Business Analyst Career, A Better Fit For You?”

    2. What Type Of Work Is Best For Me?

      The best type of work depends on you knowing what you love to do or what you are passionate about doing or the type of work that you excel at … that is the only valid basis for choosing one type of work over the other.

      To suggest what types of jobs are suitable, you have to give us a complete career profile or give us a summary of your strengths vs. your weaknesses or of the types of jobs that you excel at versus those that you are not so good at performing.

    3. Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst / Technical Project Manager (TPM) Career Path

      There are specialized career paths for professionals like you with a good background in technology. One of which is the Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst and the other, the Technical Project Manager (TPM) career path.

      Both the IT Business Analyst Career Path and the TPM Career Path are valid careers for someone like you with a good background in Technology. Read the referenced article so that you can learn more about the differences / similarities of Business Analyst vs. Project Management Jobs.


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