i lack guidance for excelling as a business analyst

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

I need help with:

  1. The lack of knowledge of the field for making into Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) sector

  2. Absence of Big Brand Company in my CV

  3. Lack of Guidance for excelling in the field of Business Analyst


Generally speaking a business analyst is there to bridge a gap to solve a problem and meet business’ needs. This gap is usually between business and Information Technology (IT).

However, the career of a business analyst encompasses a variety of specific titles and expectations that vary from company to company.

Within the career choice of business analysis is the option of specializing in one particular domain such as Telecommunications, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, or Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI).

If you already have experience as a Business Analyst, specializing in a domain will require hands-on experience within that particular domain.

This means time spent focusing on one particular specialty. If you have years of experience within a particular domain, then it is time to add Business Analyst skills to your list. Then, add your experiences to your Curriculum Vitae and land a job.

Learning to do the job of a Business Analyst will require learning the skills necessary to do the job. Learning these skills requires experience in solving problems for a company.

Before you can specialize as a business analyst in a domain, it is important to understand and gain experience in the overall role of a Generalist Business Analyst.

Among other, more detailed duties, the Generalist Business Analyst will:

  1. -Gather requirements

  2. -Analyze requirements

  3. -Conduct user testing

This includes using skills such as:

  • -Excellent communication (both written and verbal)

  • -Problem Solving skills

  • -Analytical skills

  • -Technical skills

    The Field of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)

    The BFSI domain is one area of specialty. It encompasses any organization that specializes in Banking, Financial Services or Insurance.

    One duty of a business analyst within this domain would be working with spreadsheets and data to make recommendations in regards to finance. This might include forecasting when to buy or sell or projecting what investments to make.

    • -Banking includes core banking, investment banking, private or corporate banking, retail or credit card services.

    • -Financial services include payment gateways, stock brokerage and mutual funds.

    • -Insurance includes all aspects of insurance, including life insurance and non-life insurance.

    Before you can land a job as a business analyst (either general or specialized), it is important to express what skills and experience you have acquired. This includes creating or updating your Curriculum Vitae.

    Resume vs. Curriculum Vitae
    You may be familiar with the term Resume, but what is a Curriculum Vitae or the difference between the two.

    While a resume outlines a history of all work experiences, the Curriculum Vitae outlines more details of all life experiences including work. This opens up the door to fully express what you have to offer. List any experience you have that is applicable and appropriate for the specific job you are seeking.

    Being careful to develop the whole picture of gaining experience to do the specific job you desire, and then writing your curriculum vitae to reflect this experience will lay a solid foundation toward landing a career as a Specialist Business Analyst in the domain of BFSI.

    Making your Curriculum Vitae desirable despite lack of big brand company

    While work experience at a well-known and respected organization sounds good, at the end of the day a hiring manager wants to know what you can do for them.

    Though it is nice to tout accolades of working for a big brand company, the more important question is: What did you do for the company? Your experience will carry you a lot farther than name dropping alone.

    Gaining the Necessary Business Analysis Experience

    Hands-on experience is the key to moving a Generalist Business Analyst career into the direction of specializing within a domain. Read as much as you can get your hands on about the BFSI domain and what is expected of a business analyst within this domain.

    Online courses and help, such as that found at The Business Analyst Boot Camp, offer a well-rounded resource for training and career development that will help you gain necessary skills.

    Use these resources to build your curriculum vitae while seeking out opportunities within your current company to practice skills needed to solve business problems.

    Soon, you will have acquired the skills and background necessary to be a business analyst within the BFSI domain.

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