How To Transition to Business Analyst Careers from Sales, Marketing, CRM

Business Analysts Career Help
Business Analysts Career Help

This question was posted by a sales / marketing / crm consultant who needs advice on “becoming a business analyst”.

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Here is the Sales / Marketing Professional’s Question:

I have been assuming BA roles and responsibilities for more than 5 years now but I seem to have trouble “marketing” myself to be spotted by head hunters.

I am not able to get any answers/feedback as to why I am not suitable other than “my background does not match the client’s requirements”.

This means that when they process the applications, I usually don’t get into the “probably” or “short-listed” category.

The only weakness that I could think of is that I have never had any title or designation as a BA but as software engineer, analyst programmer, support analyst.

However, in reality at work, I do play the hat of a BA, in fact, this happens most of the time.

I have been spending time researching what a BA’s CV should be at the moment, I am not sure if I’ve nailed it. I also wonder if this is an Australian thing or it is common everywhere else.

Do you have some pointers for me in regards to this?

Thanks in advanced.

Career Advice For Sales / Marketing / CRM Consultants Transitioning to Business Analyst Careers

Business Analysts Boot Camp
Business Analysts Boot Camp
  • Start with a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis with the objective of “Transitioning into a Full-Time Business Analysis Role’

  • List all your known strengths and weaknesses. Your SWOT will include your informal business analysis work experience, your current CRM, sales, marketing experience and any feedback you’ve been receiving from hiring managers.

  • List all the Business Analyst job opportunities that you may pursue as well as potential threats to your job search.

  • Prepare a strategic step-by-step job search plan that describes how you will achieve the objective of getting a business analyst job considering the results of your SWOT Analysis.

Yes, we have seen what is happening to your job search before and no, it’s certainly not restricted to the Australian Business Analyst Job Market.

You are quite right in your analysis. Yes, you are probably not being short listed into any of the potential business analyst hiring categories and the reason is that your current resume doesn’t match the profile of a Business Analyst posted in the job descriptions!

As you have been rejected for business analyst interviews more than once, you may infere that your resume is just not standing-up to that of the other Business Analyst Job Seeker’s (your competition).

Taking this analysis further, you have to ask yourself this question “what is the root cause of my job search problem?“:

  • Is it a cosmetic problem that just requires a resume re-write?

  • Is it a problem that may only be solved my getting more hands-on BA experience?

Here are the possible problems with your business analyst job search:

Weak resume: a resume rewrite will solve that and you may request for that service from us.

Insufficient hands-on Business analyst (BA) experience: You can sign-up for the business analyst boot camp and the Business Analyst Leadership Coaching program. Both programs will help you get the hands-on business analyst experience taht you need.

This post answers a question posted by a sales / marketing / crm consultant who needs advice on “transitioning or making a career move to Business Analysis”!

If you need help with your career, Contact Us or Post your Question as a comment and you will get the help that you’re asking for!

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  1. ARUNKUMAR.K   January 15, 2012 at 3:16 AM


    I am a new MBA graduate specializing in Marketing.

    I want to be a Marketing Business Analyst and because of that that I would like to find a junior Marketing Business Analyst (BA) position or become a trainee …

    Can I put myself into that field or is it only finance guys that can be Marketing Business Analysts (BA)?

    I am totally confused. I have only a basic knowledge of finance, can I apply for any job?


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