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How To Transition Into A Business Analyst Career and Get Hired!
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I have 18 years of project management, sales, sales management experience in the automotive and playground recreational products industry and I recently decided that I want to become a Business Analyst.
My experience with problem solving complex issues, sales, project management experience and running a small business gives me a broad base of experience which appears to fit nicely with what this type of position requires.
I am however, lacking any formal training on the IT side, I am comfortable with computers and how they operate but I am struggling with how to best present myself to potential employers since I am weak on this side of things.
I know I can do the job given the opportunity, my past experience is very good and I am confident that I will be able to learn the necessary technical information.
Though I am investigating various bootcamps and educational tracks I don\'t want to put off the job search until I have everything done. I would really like to work and get the education at the same time.
What would you recommend?

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