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how to transition from java developer to successful business analyst?
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I\'m a portal developer, gone for java courses but I\'m not utilizing what i have learned from the courses because there isn\'t work to do and now i want to do business analysis.

i would very much appreciate your assistance as to what i need to do to be a successful business analyst. thanks.

Coaching for how to transition from java developer to successful business analyst

If you have the skills to be a Java Developer and are not finding any work, it may simply be a matter of needing to develop confidence in your skill.

The Information Technology (IT) industry has proven to flourish even among poor economic times, but employers are looking to fill these positions with employees who are confident enough to "sell" their skills during the job application process and then to prove this confidence while on the job!

This confidence is needed in any IT field, whether it\'s Java developing or as a business analyst.

If switching to a career as a business analyst truly is what you want to do, there are some steps to take to gain the necessary skills, but, confidence is still the key in landing the job.

Examples of What a Business Analyst Does

Some of the tasks that a business analyst does daily is developing project plans and schedules, identifying, analyzing and designing processes that enhance information flow.

The Business Analyst might also use techniques such as advanced data definition and quality management.

Part of using these techniques is understanding them in relation to dealing with requirements changes and their impact on testing and product quality.

A good business analyst will also develop advanced strategies for gathering, documenting and reviewing.

If you do not already use these skills, it\'s time to take courses that will help you master these skills used in a business analyst job.

Benefits of Hands-on Business Analysis Experience

The benefit of taking business analyst skill courses is that while you\'re learning, you\'re also gaining valuable hands-on experience through the class labs and using real-life scenarios.

This is the next step toward becoming a business analyst and gaining confidence.

With knowledge of Java already gained, it\'s time to combine the two to turn yourself into a job candidate who is in demand and shines above the competition.

Build Your Business Analyst Resume

Once you have taken the time to gain the knowledge and the hands-on experience needed to be a business analyst, you will need to update your resume\' to reflect your new-found skills.

The wording and order in which you present your skills and experience on a resume\' is the first picture you paint of what you have to offer the company.

So, take time and care in updating your resume\'. Like lack of confidence, a poorly-written resume\' will be passed over quickly by a potential employer.

It would be a shame to put so much effort into building your skills and experience to become a business analyst only to have your resume\' leave you looking less than adequate to fill the position.

Where to Look to Find a Business Analyst Job

Now that everything is in place to land a business analyst job, the next step is knowing where to look to find the kind of job you desire.

Knowing where to look to find a job that matches your new skills and experience is very important.

Otherwise, all of your time spent training and preparing will be wasted time and knowledge.

There are some helpful job-search websites.

Here are three which are a great place to start:

  • (Requires users to register for free)

  • Craigslist


Once you\'re on one of these sites, you can do a key word search based upon type of job and also on location.

If you are truly wanting to find a job as a business analyst, type "Business Analyst" into the key word search box.

If, after gaining confidence in your skill as a Java developer, you discover you really would rather put your training to good use, conduct a search using the word "Java".

You can conduct a similar search based upon location.

If there are no suitable jobs in your city, it might be worth the move.

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  1. Be Confident

    There is definitely work for Java Developers and if you are not able to find work, then you are either not confident of your skills or you don\'t know where and how to find work.

    Keep in mind that in other to become a successful business analyst, you must know how to look for work and be confident in your skills.

  2. Finding Work

    First, you have to learn where and how to find work regardless of whether you are looking for business analysis or java programming work.

    Start with, Craigslist and Monster.con and search for either \"Java\" or \"Business Analyst\" and you will find enough work.

    If there is no Java work or business analyst job posted for your city, then your situation is an exception and the only thing that you can do is re-locate away from that city to another city that shows more job postings on the three (3) search engines.

  3. Build Your Resume

    Regardless of whether you want to be a Java developer or a business analyst, first take the courses that allow you to master these disciplines.

    Next, get a lot of handson experience in Java or Business Analysis and finally, update your resume with all your experience and skills.

Keep in mind that you have to overcome your challenges regardless of whether you want to be a successful business analyst or a successful Java Developer.