How To Start A Business Analyst Career?

Q. I have recently finished doing my majors in Information Systems and Business Management.

I want to work my way up to either project manager or business analyst and need some advice on how to get there.

If possible I’d rather avoid computer programming as I am working as a tester at the moment, is this the right way to start?

A. How Do You Start A Business Analyst Career?

  • First, you have to decide if you are passionate for Information Technology (IT) in general, or if you want to work in another industry such as life science or education.

  • I would advise you to research each career you are interested in. If you are interested in becoming a business analyst or a project manager, you should start by listing all the reasons why you want to become a business analyst or project manager and why you think that you will be well suited for either of these professions

  • Then, decide which career yo get into and start by getting some experience with the necessary skills. Before you can do this, you have to list all the skills that are required for either business analyst or project management careers and then list all the actions you will take to get the required skills and experience.

  • In addition, if you want to be a Domain Business Analyst, you will need to have some experience in a specific domain like healthcare, education, telco, utilities, etc.

  • If you become a Domain Business Analyst (BA) and then you decide you want to switch to another domain like finance, then you would end up having to start from scratch.

  • This would not apply to IT Business Analysts types of jobs because your domain knowledge is not a factor. If you choose the domain business analyst career path, then you don’t have to worry about specialize in a specific business analyst.

  • If you don’t want to code or program for a living, make sure to investigate that at the interview. If the employer mentions that you will be coding even though you are applying for a business analyst job, then you know to refuse the business analyst position … even if you are offered one.

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