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how to qualify for ba role in retail banking
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I am currently working with a Bank as a Relationship Manager.
I am presently looking for a change in profile. I am interested in the role of a Business Analyst.
There are openings for Business Analyst in Retail Banking Domain.
I have 4 years of experience in Retail Banking Sales but no IT experience.
I would like to know if I would qualify for a BA role and how I would have to prepare for the interview.
Awaiting your expert advice.

how to qualify for ba role in retail banking

Working with children or being around nieces and nephews helps a person become comfortable and familiar with kids, but it doesn\'t prepare you fully to be a parent.

In the same way, years of working in an industry gives you knowledge of how that particular domain works, but does not give you all of the training you need to take on the job as a business analyst.

It does give you a heads up on pursuing a Domain Business Analyst position if you can acquire the necessary skills to do the job of a business analyst first.

Don\'t despair, this may not take as long as you anticipate since you already have the groundwork of how the retail banking domain works.

It will require applying yourself to read and learn as much as you can about the role of a business analyst and then getting hands-on experience and training to combine your knowledge of the retail banking domain with business analyst skills.

It will also involve learning a side of retail banking which you may not be familiar with.

Update Resume\' and Prepare for Job Interview

Before you can update your resume\' or succeed at a job interview, you will need to gain business analyst skills and experience as well as any additional knowledge, such as learning about Information Technology as it relates to retail banking.

Read everything you can get your hands on about what is expected of a business analyst.

Then, seek training that you can complete while still working your current job.

Online training, such as what is provided through Business Analyst Boot Camp, works around your schedule and gives you real-world activities to work through so you can gain substantial experience and knowledge.

Some of the basic skills that a business analyst uses are:

-Communication Skills - The BA serves as the go-between to bring together what the company needs and wants with the people who can deliver.

To make this possible, the business analyst must be a good facilitator, interviewer, information gatherer, and have excellent interpersonal skills with people, using tact and coordinating team work.

-Negotiation Skills are part of the communication that takes place with a business analyst.

A Business Analyst has very little direct authority, but uses negotiation skills to sway decisions of those in position.

-Documentation Skills are also an important part of the business analyst\'s duties.

This involves excellent written communication skills and being able to record everything in a way that can be translated by a variety of individuals from numerous departments.

-Analytical Skills are obviously a part of an analyst\'s job. It is important to be detail oriented, taking the time to make sure you understand every problem.

-Technical Skills are needed for the business analyst to be able to work with the required software developers and to use software tools to help in doing his job as a business analyst.

-Management Skills are very important for a business analyst. This involves decision making, integrity, ethics, customer relationships, the basis of project managing, time management and organizational skills.

-Business Knowledge is important for a business analyst. He must not only know common business practices, but how the specific business organization functions.

Becoming a Domain Business Analyst in Retail Banking

Once you obtain skills and knowledge of a business analyst, you can begin to combine these skills with what you already know about retail banking, and then build these specific skills before looking for a job.

With sales experience, you have learned a great deal about how the retail banking business works, including the politics within.

This is a good launching pad toward your goal, but there is much more to learn about retail banking before you can sufficiently serve as a business analyst or convince a hiring manager that you can do the job.

Begin to network with individuals in the IT department where you currently work to become familiar with terminology and how things function.

Also search job listing sites for domain business analyst jobs in retail banking and take note as to what they list under the qualifications they are seeking in a business analyst.

If you are unfamiliar with any, now is the time to learn. When you feel confident enough in your newly-learned skills, update your resume and begin your job hunt.

If you learn and gain experience through online training, you will be on your way to becoming a Business Analyst in the Retail Banking domain.

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  1. You don\'t need an Information Technology (IT) Background to work as a Retail Banking Business Analyst because what you are aspiring to be is a Domain Business Analyst.

  2. Your Retail Banking Knowledge and experience does not really provide or convey to you,a knowledge of business analysis, does it?

    You can\'t work as a business analyst without first learning business analysis. Tell me, what will you do when you are hired to do a job that requires business analysis skills?

    You will have to hit the books or say you don\'t know how to do the job or try and do the job without any knowledge of how to do it ...

    Even if you get hired as a Retail Banking Business Analyst, you will still have to set aside time to learn the roles or responsibilities of a business analyst.

    My advise to you is to learn business analysis through self study or a business analyst training program like the business analyst boot camp as that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a Retail Banking Business Analyst!