How To Prepare For Business Analyst Interviews

How do I prepare for business analyst interviews, can you give me some tips?

What questions should I expect to be asked at Business Analyst Interviews?


A business analysis is a liaison between various stakeholders such as clients, solution teams, third party vendors, business teams, IT teams etc. he/she gathers requirements and gives recommendations to improve businesses.

The common strategies of attending an interview apply even for a business analyst interview. There are two common interests in conducting and attending an interview. For an employer, it is to find the right candidates and for an employee, it is to find the right position as well as right organization to work with. You should walk into an interview with this understanding.


Know the organization well

Prior to an interview, it is important to know the organization, its products and its domain. One good source where you can gather such information is the company Web site. By showing you know about the company, you will be showcasing your eagerness to contribute to the company’s growth.

Be thorough with domain

Employers might ask questions pertaining to the domain they are in. So you must be prepared to answer such questions


It is important to remain composed at the interview. You should show that you are a confident and friendly person with whom they can work.

Listen and understand questions

Listening skills are important. Don’t answer a question if you are not sure of what you heard or if some information is incomplete. It is not a class room test.

An interview is not a question and answer session either. It is a dialogue between a prospective employer and prospective employee. So feel free to clarify if you don’t understand a question. However, that does not mean you do it on the constant basis, since it will show you as a less competent person in the field.

Do not behave like you memorized the answers

Be natural and let your answers flow spontaneously. It is better to say what you know than look very artificial.

·Speak slowly with confidence

Show interest

Show that you are a hard working person who can contribute. Make the interview active discussion. Show that you want to work for the company

Don’t be overconfident

Overconfidence can land you in trouble. You might end up assuming questions before you really understand and end up giving wrong answers.

Dress properly

It is good if you can get to know about the culture of the company. Dress accordingly when you go for the interview. This will make you comfortable and present yourself in a better way.

Be punctual

Being before time is important everywhere. It helps you relax, and make you ready for facing the interviewers. If you are late, you will end up being anxious and clumsy.

Common interview questions

It is very difficult to pinpoint what kind of questions that an employer will ask during a business analyst interview. However, the following will give you some idea about the type of possible topics on which questions can be based.


o What are your strength and weaknesses?

o What are your future plans?

o Why do you want to join us?

· Technical

o Software development life cycle (SDLC).

o Rational unified process, agile modeling etc.

o Unified modeling language (UML)

o Tools such as rational rose, ClearCase, Poseidon

· Business

o Mergers and acquisitions

o Capital markets and money markets

o Ratios like as P/E, IRR, ROI, EPS

o Concepts like Equity Dividend and Budgeting

o Merchandising

o Procurement

o Shipping, logistics and inventory

o Supply chain

o Customer behavior

o Customer relation management(CRM)


o Logical data dictionary and the benefits of maintaining one

o The Solution Assessment and Validation knowledge area of the BABOK v2.0 — how is it defined?

o Requirements Analysis knowledge area of the BABOK v2.0 — how is it defined?

o XML Schema and its purpose

o Similarities and differences between a UML Class Diagram and Object Diagram

o Stakeholder Analysis and benefit of the business analyst

o Active Listening and benefits

o Six Sigma

o Definition of the term Requirement

Please note that this list is not a comprehensive one. It is only intended to give you an idea of possible topics based on which questions can be asked in an interview. Of course, you need to know your subject well, before you can attend an interview.

Research and reading are two methods to gather information.

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