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how to overcome lack of ba experience?
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What about experience ... all BA positions require minimum 5 yrs experience?

How to build that if you graduated last year.

Understanding What Employers Really Want Is Key To Overcoming Lack Of BA Experience!

The job description states that a minimum of 5 years\' experience is required to apply.

What is the employer really looking for when they state this in their ad?

What this really means is that the employer is not wanting to waste their time with applicants who only display a desire or potential alone - who will require months and years of a training investment.

The requirement of five years\' experience is intended to draw in only the most qualified applicants.

The company wants a turn-key applicant who can step in and get the job done.

But, in reality, you may be able to do the job well with much less time in experience.

It\'s just a matter of proving this in your cover letter and resume.

Don\'t let the job requirements stop you from sending in your resume.

Instead of concentrating on a set number of years of experience required, start to focus on whether or not you can show proof on your resume that you have the ability to do the job.

Set your focus on the word "experience" and not on the number of years.

If you have experience that proves your skills will benefit the company right from the starting gates, chances are you will be asked for an interview where you can demonstrate face-to-face that you are the best one for the job.

Get the Experience - Begin Where You Are: On The Job Or Volunteer

If you find you want to build your experience, you can get some impressive experience you need in less than 5 years.

Now is the best time to start. Whatever position you are currently working in is the best place for you to begin.

Look for opportunities where you can provide your expertise of Business Analyst skills.

Start to ask, "how can I help you?" You will be surprised to find the numerous needs within your current organization.

If you are not currently employed, it\'s time to look outside of the company.

Non-profits are a fantastic place to offer help. Even though the work is volunteer, the time you spend gaining Business Analyst experience will become a valuable investment toward your job hunt.

Also continue to do self study through books about Business Analysts as well as continuing education and training with online courses.

Documentation Is Key

A Business Analyst uses documentation skills regularly. While you\'re gaining the experience you need to prove you can do the job, make sure you practice your skills of writing by documenting everything.

This will not only give you practice, but also provide written proof of your experience that can be easily displayed at a job interview.

Document your experience on your resume as well.

Update your Resume

A well-written resume\' is just the beginning of proving your worth to a company.

Also pay close attention to your cover letter. Personalize it for the job you are applying.

Don\'t spend half the letter talking about a skill that isn\'t even listed on their job description requirements.

If the company, for instance, is looking for someone with Sharepoint experience: focus your cover letter on how you have used Sharepoint.

Go Out And Get The Job

Once you have gained experience and updated your resume and cover letter to prove that you are the best one for the job, it\'s time to get your foot in the door with an interview and then land the job.

Knowing where to look to find the job offer is your first step.

While you are gaining your experience through volunteering and offering your help, you also build relationships.

Sometimes, a job offer will come from this alone. Other times, you will find out about an open position through word of mouth.

Of course, there\'s jobs posted almost daily on job search websites such as, or Craigslist or job placement agencies within your city.

Spend time on your cover letter with each application submission to present it as an individualized gift.

Then, get ready to prepare for the interview by taking time to write down and journal stories about your experience that you can draw from during an interview.

Select a few of your encounters during your experience that best spotlight how you can pinpoint your skills to help the specific company to which you are applying.

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