how to get my first job as a business analyst

Hi kings, i have been going through your mails on how to become a business analyst and get your first job and they have been very very helpfull and enlightening 

i would like to learn more from you you as a person trying to get my first job as a busness analyst i will love to a personal contact with you so i can learn more from you. looking forward to hearing from you. cheers iyke

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One Response to "how to get my first job as a business analyst"

  1. Business Analysts Training   May 8, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    Follow the steps below to get your first business analyst job!

    1. First, make a list of the roles, duties and responsibilities of business analysts.

    2. Next, look into your own career or your own resume and outline all the transferable skills … that is business analysis skills that you have learned in your current or past jobs.

    3. Bridge the the gaps in your business analysis skills through self study, or enrolling in business analyst coaching and training programs. Your goal at the end of this step should be to become an expert business analyst!

    4. Get more business analysis skills and experience. You can sharpen your business analysis skills by taking a lot of practice tests and you can get more business analysis experience by using your skills in both paid and un-paid jobs.

    5. Finally, update your resume with all the business analysis skills and experience that you have gained and apply for jobs.


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