How To Get Business Analysis Skills And Experience

How To Get Hands-on Business Analysis Skills Experience
How To Get Hands-on Business Analysis Skills Experience

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I am an MCA graduate with 2yrs work Exp as a Software Engineer in India and 8 months of Sales and Marketing experience in UAE.

When I was working as Software Engineer i got a chance to work with client service and Business Analysts.

My skills and interest leads me to become a Business Analyst.

I joined as a Relationship officer (Sales) as a part of plan to change my career line into management side as well as develop my communications and inter personal skills by dealing many people directly and indirectly, which are the key skills for a BA.

Now I feel I need to do a Business Analysis certification program which provides perfection in analytical concepts and skills necessary to perform my role as a Business Analyst.

So that i can mold myself in the best way to excel as a Business Analyst.

So please give me guidance and information needed.
How do i acquire the formal business analysis education or training?

How much time I need to spend for such type of training?

Thanks & Regards,
Belgin Abraham

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