How To Get A Job As A Business Analyst

We receive a number of questions asking about how one can move into the Business Analyst Career Path from other roles and more specifically Information Technology (IT) roles.

Here is a typical, frequently asked question about changing to business analyst roles from IT roles:

Q. How does one make a leap to the business analyst (BA) career path from a previous Information Technology (IT) role?

Is there any advice that can be provided to someone interested in moving into the business analyst career path?

A. How to make a leap to the business analyst (BA) career path from an Information Technology (IT) or software development role like software testing, project management, software development etc.

  • If someone is moving from an IT role like a software development, project management, quality assurance, software testing role into a Business Analyst position, then the person should consider starting in the IT Business Analyst role which is somewhat of a generalist in the BA industry.

  • IT Business Analysts (BA’s) roles serve as go-betweens for managers, customers, and programmers in the IT or software development industry.

  • Some experience in the IT / software development industry, is the number one commodity in the hunt for a business analyst (BA) job, so if someone already has a background in IT skills like programming or UML then they already have a head start.

  • Employers are looking for business analysts who can lead and motivate the business, which means that someone moving to the IT business analyst role needs to have strong organizational skills, excellent communication and the drive to complete goals.

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