How To Become A Systems Analyst

I graduated with an Information Technology degree last year, and working in software QA now.

There is little interaction with the end-users.

How do I become a Systems Analyst (gaining experience in requirements’ gathering, training)?

I have a job offer now, on systems analysis, but the system under consideration was already developed late last year, so I am thinking that the systems analyst work would be quite diluted, since most of the time would be spent on end-user port and maintanence?

Or, if I have to accept another new systems analyst position, then I figure that it would be better to start somewhere where the job scope is near what a Systems Analyst does and also gain specialized knowledge in a particular industry.

How To Become A Systems Analyst

Any opportunity for getting systems analysis experience is extremely valuable, as this will help you distinguish your career as a Systems Analyst.

The position you have been offered will give you some opportunity to grow into a full-blown Systems Analyst.

It can serve as a door-opener for your career. After your have worked in that position for a while, perhaps you will be qualified or be ready to work on another Systems Analyst Job from scratch.

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