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How To Become A Business Process Analyst
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I have been in the IT industry for ten years now, from call centre technical support, to onsite techie, to technical manager, to systems analyst and now a business analyst (with some Project manager experience thrown in).
I don’t enjoy the technical aspect of work anymore and the last year of work I have been doing process redesign and found that I enjoy it more than I ever did with the IT aspect of the job.
My problem is that when applying for a position they always see my past in IT and try and place me in that position and I don’t want to go into the IT part of thing again.
I enjoy process redesign and feel this is the way forward for me, I have my Prince2 and feel I will eventually go into project management.
I have changed my CV and formatted it more towards the business side of things but keep getting pulled back to the IT side, how do I get into the business side of things?

How To Get Potential Employer To Recognize Your Value And Passion

When you think back to when you were a child, you may have looked up to your mom or dad assuming being your parent was all they wanted to do in life.

In reality, they may have been great parents, but had passions for other accomplishments as well.

When a person does a job well, it is natural for others to assume that this is the only thing he enjoys.

With a solid background in Information Technology, the most challenging step to moving into the Business Process Analyst field is going to be convincing the hiring party that you can do the job and then getting your potential employer to recognize your value and passion as a Business Process Analyst, not only as an IT professional.

To do this, you must make sure you go into a job interview prepared. This preparation may take a few months to fully establish.

How To Become A Business Process Analyst Expert In Six Months Or Less

Begin by setting a personal goal to fulfill your passion of becoming a Business Process Analyst Expert within the next six months.

Why six months? Does it sound too long or too short?

You might accomplish this sooner, but six months is a good time frame to allow you to internalize the knowledge required to master a new career.

During this time, gather information and become as informed as possible by getting your hands on every book you can and reading every article you can find that relates to Business Process Analysis. Read, take notes, re-read and apply what you learn in every opportunity you discover.

Look for opportunities to help at your current job. Business Analysts often welcome a member of the IT team\'s volunteer efforts.

Look for needs and then volunteer to work toward finding a solution.

Also, look outside of your work to spot needs and then ask: How can I help?

How To Market Your Business Process Analyst Career through Networking

A cheerleader will shout the praises of her own team with exuberance.

When you are passionate about something, your enthusiasm shines through when you talk about your favorite subject.

You are passionate about changing careers, so you are your own best spokesman to spread the word about what you have to offer.

Networking does more for promoting you into the place you want to be than almost any other means.

A person is more likely to trust someone they know than they are to trust a stranger.

So, get to know other Business Process Analysts. Become part of your local chapter of International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA), and join other community groups that put you in touch with as many Business Process Analysts as you can.

Don\'t just show up at a meeting and leave. Talk to others who attend; and form relationships, letting others know what you are looking for in a career.

Start with some other simple steps such as setting up your own Twitter account for the purpose of pursuing your career.

Follow other Business Analysts and organizations where you want to specialize.

Be professional in what you Tweet. Also, start a blog that focuses on Business Process Analysis.

Use the information you read and begin to publish information, from your perspective.

Make sure you highlight hands-on experience you gain along the way.

How To Communicate Passionately At Job Interviews

Don\'t hold back! When you get a call for an interview, this is your chance to explain, face-to-face, how much you want to do the job of a Business Process Analyst.

Be sure to share more than your passion. Put your emphasis on proof that you can do the job first.

Before you go on the interview, do your homework about the organization where you are applying and write down some key experiences you have to offer the company.

First prove that you have the ability to do the job and then share your passion.

When the employer sees proof that you have expert knowledge and experience, your desire and passion to see work through to completion will seal the deal.

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You are doing the right thing by going for the career that you enjoy which is Business Process Analysis.

The challenge that you are facing is that of getting other people to recognize your value and passion as a business process analyst ... this is how you can do that!

  • Become A Business Process Analyst Expert

    Set a personal goal to become a business process analyst expert within the next 6 months.

    I am choosing 6 months because it typically takes 6 months or more for us to internalize or master a new career.

    Within this period, study every book that you can on business process analysis and read every article that is published on the subject ... become as informed as you can about business process analysis.

  • Market Your Business Process Analyst Career

    Start a blog and a twitter account focusing on Business Process Analysis and use this as a means to start publishing your views on the web as a business process analyst.

    At the same time, meet as many business process analysts as you can and start communicating with them!

    In other words, fill up your time with as much business process analysis related activities as possible and at your day job, volunteer for or accept more business process analysis work.

  • Communicate Passionately At Job Interviews

    Taking the actions listed above will help you present yourself as a believable business process analyst during job interviews.

    At your job interview, position yourself as a business process analyst expert and communicate your authentic passion and commitment to the career and you will get hired because of your passion, expertise and knowledge!