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how do i transition from law degree to business analyst in UK
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Please I want your advise, i want to become a business analyst, however a have a degree in law from the UK.
What can i do to get into the BA field and how can i go about it. Thanks.

Coaching On How To Transition From Law Degree To Business Analyst

There are skills a business analysts uses daily that are also learned by attaining a Law degree, in the UK or elsewhere.
Most likely, there will also be a large skills gap to fill ... these are the skills you still need to acquire to become a business analyst.
To transition from a Law degree to a business analyst profession, you first need to find the similarities between the skills you gained from a Law degree and the skills generally needed for business analyst jobs.
To determine your skills gap, you will need to make a list of what skills are needed to become a business analyst and another list of which of these skills you have already learned.
Once your skills gap is determined, it\'s time to fill the gap and then update your resume\' and get a job!

Roles and responsibilities of a business analyst

There are many skills involved in becoming a business analyst.and following are some of the skills needed to be a good business analyst:

  1. Communication skills - Written and Verbal

  2. Group facilitation skills – Includes Presentation and Communication Skills

  3. Management skills

  4. Leadership skills

  5. Analytical skills

  6. Planning skills

  7. Process mapping skills

  8. Problem Identification skills

  9. Decision-making skills

  10. Technical skills

  11. Logical data modeling (LDM) skills

  12. User Interface (UI) design skills

  13. Task analysis skills - This includes Use cases

  14. Designing metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) skills

  15. Business case development skills

  16. Role analysis skills

Compare Business Analyst Skills with Law Skills

Researching and citing cases is a large part of the study of law.
Learning how to argue a case before a judge was probably also a part of your law studies.
So, you are probably quite adept in communication skills.
More than likely, your skills gap analysis will show more of a need to learn requirements analysis or technical skills instead of communication skills.
The similarities of law degree and business analyst might include:

  • Strong writing skills

  • Strong verbal communication skills

Depending on your legal studies or your law school, you may be able to add several more skills to the list that corresponds to the skills needed for a business analyst job.

Identify The Gaps in Business Analyst Skills

The gaps between your business analysis knowledge, experience and skills, and the above list is what you are missing and will need to gain.
Since you\'ve never worked as a business analyst, it\'s okay if your skills gap is large.
That is why a program like the business analyst boot camp which provides you with a comprehensive, beginner to advanced, step by step business analyst training program will be helpful to your success!

Improve Your Business Analyst Skills

Now, it\'s time to improve your business analyst skills.
Focus on your skill gaps list.
The benefit of an online coaching course like the business analyst boot camp is that you can sign up and get started from anywhere, including the UK, with no travel needed.
You can gain hands-on skills and experience through this type of learning in a reasonable amount of time.
The courses are convenient and affordable.
They include real-world hands-on business analysis tasks and you will gain business analysis skills such as:

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Software Testing

  • Use Cases

  • Requirements Elicitation, Management and Validation

  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)

  • Quality Assurance

Update Your Business Analyst Resume And Find A Job

Now that you have taken the time to gain the knowledge and the hands-on experience needed to be a business analyst, the first thing you will want to do is update your resume\' to reflect your skills.
Use your writing skills to construct a well-written resume\' that will not be discarded quickly by a potential employer.
Follow these steps to make the transition from Law to Business Analysis successfully!

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You can transition from a Law Degree to a Business Analyst Job, by utilizing your transferable skills!

  • First, Find Similarities Between Your Law Degree and the Business Analyst Career

    Your Law degree and the business analysis profession share some common, transferable skills.

    Starting with your strong writing and verbal communication skills which are transferable from your law career to your business analyst career.

  • Second, Identify the Roles & Responsibilities Of Business Analysts

    Next, identify the gaps in your business analysis skills, which are those skills that you cannot learn from your law profession that are required in a business analyst career.

    To do this, first make an inventory of every skill, knowledge, tool, responsibility which is required in business analysis.

    Read our flagship article on: \"How To Become A Business Analyst\" ...

  • Third, Identify the Gaps in Your Business Analysis Knowledge & Skills

    From the list of skills, roles and responsibilities described in the article on how to become a business analyst, identify all the business analysis skills that you are missing.

    Since you haven\'t worked as a business analyst or trained for that profession, you will notice that you have more outstanding skills than you transferable skills ... that is quite normal.

  • Fourth, Improve Your Business Analyst Skills

    Focusing on the gaps in your business analysis skills, make a plan to improve the missing skills either through personal study or through business analysis training and business analysis coaching.

    Supplement your knowledge with handson skills and experiential learning!

  • Finally, Update Your Resume & Get A Job

    Congratulations, you have made it this far! It is time to update your resume with your transferable skills as well as the new skills that you gained through training, coaching and handson experiential learning or even self-study.

Follow the steps listed above to change your career from Law to Business Analysis