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how do i steer my career towards business analysis from technical writer
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Hello, I am currently working as a lead Technical Writer with over 5 yrs of experience.

How do I steer my career towards Business Analysis.

I\'m not sure which specific area in Business Analysis or how I can go about it

Even if I do a course in analysis, how can I get a break in Business Analysis with no actual experience in that line.

Any suggestions would help, Thanks

Coaching On How To Start A Business Analyst Job From A Technical Writer Career

There are many skills a business analyst uses to go about his or her duties.

One of them is excellent written communication skills.

As a technical writer, you already have acquired this skill and the many sub-skills that go along with business users through by writing.

As a technical writer, you have mastered the process of making technical terms and concepts understandable.

Another skill which a technical writer possesses is the ability to take correction and make revisions to an original draft.

This willingness to change for the better, even if it means going back to an original draft or idea, is a skill needed in the job of a business analyst as well.

You might even have some level of experience with product testing, reporting and evaluation reports, which is also a part of a business analyst\'s job.

So, start steering your career towards business analysis by making a list of what you currently do well as a technical writer.

The next step is figuring out what skills you have that correspond with the skills needed to do the job of a business analyst, and which ones you still need to develop.

To determine this, you will need to make a list of what a business analyst does.

What Does A Business Analyst Do?

Start by making a list of the duties and responsibilities that are expected of a business analyst.

This list should be considered your blueprint or guideline as to how you will get from technical writer to a business analyst job.

There are numerous skills which a good business analyst must acquire.

Some of the skills involved in a typical day in the life of a business analyst may include:

Strong analytical skills, Management skills and knowledge of business processes.

Technical skills – This includes software development systems concepts and complex modeling techniques.

Gathering requirements - This is done through interview processes, document analysis, surveys, visits to the sites, use cases, requirements workshops, Analyzing tasks and work flows.

Information evaluation - The information is collected from a number of sources. Once collected, the business analyst will reconcile conflicts and then put to use skills you have already acquired as a technical writer by taking technical information and making it understandable for various groups and levels of users.

This implies that you have learnt how to the difference between user requests and real needs.

Negotiation skills.

Communication skills - Both written and verbal skills are needed with a variety of people internally as well as those who are externally involved.

You will make presentations which will involve public speaking skills.

Communication skills are very important to the success of implementing plans and procedures.

Ability to work alone, with users and under a project manager\'s direction.

Ability to multi-task with both people and computers.

Bridge Your Skills Business Analyst Gap

Once you have a list of what is expected of a business analyst, you can begin to determine what skills you need to bridge the gap between what you already know as a technical writer and what you need to know as a business analyst.

Make a plan to learn the skills listed on your skills gap list.

You can learn a lot by self-study or through business analyst training and coaching.

Business analyst coaching can be acquired through online courses while you remain employed as a technical writer.

You can learn at your own pace until you develop the hands-on experience, knowledge and skills needed to pursue a job as a business analyst.

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  1. How To Start A Business Analyst Career

    Becoming a business analyst is easier than you assume because you already have some of the skills needed for business analyst jobs, all you need to do is identity them and get credit for those skills!

  2. Identify The Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

    Start your business analyst career by first identifying the Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst.

    That is your blueprint because you have to be able to perform a good number of those tasks competently to be called a business analyst!

  3. Identify your Skills Gap

    Now, based on the list of tasks, roles, responsibilities, duties performed by business analysts, identity those that you performed at some time in your career as a Technical Writer and those that you are lacking!

  4. Bridge The Gaps In Your Skills

    Now you know the skills that are missing from your work experience, make a plan to learn those skills either by self study or through business analyst training!