How Do I Start My Systems Analyst Career?

Can anyone tell me what qualifications will help me start my Systems Analyst Career?

What are the things that I need to learn? What types of organizations are the best for systems analysts to join?

How To Start A New Systems Analyst Career?

Before I answer your concerns, let me just brief you about what a Systems Analyst is.

A Systems Analyst is a bridge between the business group and the IT department in an organization (I am talking about Systems Analyst in the context of IT.

There are various other domains where Systems Analysts work). Their role involves analyzing a company’s policies and procedures, identifying problem areas and then suggesting ways to improve business.

Hence, the role of a Systems Analyst is very critical. A Systems Analyst fundamentally:

  1. Identifies problem areas in the existing system
  2. Identifies areas of business opportunities
  3. Analyzes and gathers requirements
  4. Creates requirement and specification documents
  5. Coordinates between business teams, stakeholders, and IT teams

Apart from these, a Systems Analyst has to maintain a good relationship with clients, ensure that project deadlines are met, promote co-operative, helpful thinking about a problem, develop ideas and present the same to high-level management teams, etc.

The roles of a Systems Analyst require knowledge of business functions, experience with process improvement tools, and IT related experience.

Systems Analysts should have the following skills:

  1. Requirement analysis skills — Familiarity with gathering and analyzing requirements using UML, Process Mapping, Flowcharting, and IDEF
  2. Process mapping skills
  3. Excellent communication skills — good conversational skills, interpersonal skills, and good writing skills
  4. Analytical skills — problem solving skills and decision making skills
  5. IT Skills — Knowledge of Web-based technologies like J2EEE/.NET and Web-based technologies like JS/HTML/ASP and knowledge of SQL, data analysis, reporting, UML, Visual Basic programming, and Microsoft Office Automation.
  6. Familiarity with RDBMS concepts, Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management methodologies
  7. Good domain knowledge

Qualifications Of Systems Analysts

There are no specific courses designed exclusively for Systems Analysis.

Most people make a transition from their careers in IT or business related professions after acquiring significant hands-on experience in their respective professions.

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