how do i become a healthcare, life science or pharma business analyst?

If you want to become a healthcare business analyst, then you may want to read this post. This post answers questions for IT professionals transitioning or changing careers to healthcare, life sciences or pharma:

So, here are the questions that need to be answered on healthcare business analysts:

I have several years of Software Engineering experience.

I have an Engineering background with a major in Biotechnology Engineering that includes applications of engineering in Healthcare, Pharma, and Life sciences.

I have been developing software applications in the Healthcare domain including healthcare and life sciences.

I would like to get an MBA and a new job as a business analyst in Healthcare domain which will be along the lines of my previous software development experience.

What are the guidelines for transitioning my software developer career from the software development industry to the healthcare industry.

Becoming a Healthcare Business Analyst

If you desire to work in the healthcare, pharma or life science industry, and you want your software development industry experience to be taken into consideration in your new career, then you will probably want to become a Domain Business Analyst.

As opposed to an IT Business Analyst, the Domain Business Analyst possesses roughly the same skill set as an IT Business Analysts, including the requirements elicitation, requirements validation, requirements management, leadership capabilities, strong communication skills, excellent sense of organization that a typical IT business analyst demonstrates.

However, Domain Business Analysts are expected to possess an intimate knowledge of their chosen domain, not just a general knowledge of the information technology (IT) or software development industry.

With your current background in life science, pharma and healthcare, you can become a domain business analyst regardless of your software development skills.

However, an MBA even though it is quite helpful, will be of little use when competing with experienced, knowledgeable domain business analyst candidates.

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