how can i move forward in becoming a ba?

certified book smart, now what?
certified book smart, now what?

I am an engineer in electronics then I got my MBA (Marketing & IT)

I studied subjects like data mining, Business Intelligence, landed in a wrong job through placements in my college.

Right now working in HCL a reputed brand of system Integrator, all things sounds very rosy

However for the past 6 months i have learned nothing, I guess I was the top performer during my training at the company.

I feel i have enough qualification to become a BA and I will do whatever it takes.

So this is the challenge, i don’t want to continue this job, its a sales job

Anyway i don’t know how to move my career ahead since have an appetite for technical skills and here I am, wasting it

I already spent a lot in my MBA and I can’t even think of spending more.

Kindly let me know the way out rather than doing a course or something … how can i move forward in become a BA

How To Move Forward In Becoming A Business Analyst

A College Degree Does Not Qualify you for Business Analyst Jobs.

What does a college degree really mean? It means you know how to study and finish required assignments, and pass tests.

It does not imply that you have hands-on experience using this knowledge. There is no magical college degree fairy who comes along with her magic wand and dubs all college graduates with the ability to get a job done after graduation!

For example, an ASP.NET programmer does not do his job well simply because he has a certificate that says he has a computer science degree … No!

He may have learned some of this programming skill through his courses, but he had to seek out real-world experience and learn ASP.NET by building websites or web applications.

Likewise, you can pursue college degrees until you have attained the status of Doctorate level many times over, but none of this education will guarantee you a position as a business analyst.

Doing the work of a business analyst is not a skill that is necessarily learned in college. Having said that, when you begin looking for a business analyst career, you will no doubt notice one of the job requirements listed is quite often an MBA, or at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Learn Business Analysis First

Regardless of a person’s educational or work experience background, to be a business analyst, you must first learn business analysis skills.

There is a distinct body of knowledge among business analysts that have nothing to do with what is taught at college.

There are courses or skills that you need to learn to become a business analyst.

If you cannot bear the thought of spending another dollar, find out what courses are needed and study them on your own using articles and books.

This requires a good deal of self discipline and time management, but it can be done with very little or no additional outlay of money on your part.

Another option is to pursue expensive classroom seminars, or opt for cheaper but more effective online business analyst training.

Even some costly traditional classroom seminars use a form of online training, either through personal workstations during the lecture, or through recommended backup training once you leave.

They would not offer this as part of their class or followup time if they didn’t know how effective online training is.
Why pay double when all you really need is the online version of the training?

Online training, such as what is found at the Business Analyst Boot Camp, provides you the opportunity to focus directly on skills you will use on the job.

It provides you with real-world scenarios to work through, giving you “on-the-job” practice.

You won’t just sit through a training session, walk away and forget everything that was just said.

Instead, you can watch the videos, rewind, pause, and re-watch until you truly understand and can put into practice what was presented.

You also have access to retrieval based tests which are scientifically-proven approach to successful retention.

Online courses allow you to learn on your own time, when it’s convenient. You do not have to quit a job that is providing your income or owe a lot in student loans as you would for an MBA.

Instead, you can fit it into your current downtime, working as quickly or as slowly as you prefer.

Expose yourself to other business analysts

As you are learning the ins and outs of what a business analyst does through online training, you will also want to begin networking and seeking out apprentice-style work.

Look around, and keep your eyes open.

There are professional organizations through social networking sites or local groups, where business analysts come together for encouragement.

Become a part of one or more of theses groups. The human race has been known to be creatures of habit.

People tend to trust people they know, or are acquainted with. Hang around professional business analysts and get to know them.

When they begin to relate to you, and talk about you to their colleagues, a job in the career of business analysis will be just around the corner.

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One Response to "how can i move forward in becoming a ba?"

  1. Business Analyst Coaching & Training   May 4, 2011 at 11:21 AM
    • A College Degree Does Not Qualify you for Business Analyst Jobs

      An MBA in Marketing and Information Technology (IT) and college majors in Engineering, Electronics, Business Intelligence or Data Mining does not qualify you to be a business analyst.

      College degrees do not qualify you for becoming a business analyst because you don’t learn business analysis at college!

      You don’t learn how to work in most Information technology (IT) jobs at college.

      In the same way you won’t learn ASP.NET Programming and become a programmer just by getting a computer science degree, you won’t learn Business Analysis from an MBA College Degree and Business Analysis is also not business intelligence or Data Mining!

    • Learn Business Analysis

      Your first order of business is to learn business analysis inspite of your educational qualifications because educational qualifications or college degrees don’t make you a business analyst!

      Business Analysis has its own body of knowledge. There are a set of courses or skills that you need to learn to become a business analyst. Find out what those courses are and study them on your own using articles and books if you are looking for a cheap way to become a business analyst or take a training courses if you prefer to get some help with your BA Training!

      But don’t kid yourself by thinking that any college degree or college major is going to convey some knowledge o business analysis to you because it won’t!

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