how can i achieve my career goal of becoming a business analysyt?

Thank you so much for this opportunity   my main career goal is to become a bussiness analyst but i just completed my MBA and have basic computer skills, how can i work on myself to achieve this goal?.


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One Response to "how can i achieve my career goal of becoming a business analysyt?"

  1. Business Analysts Training   May 7, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    You may achieve your career goal of becoming a business analyst by working on three main areas of your professional career.

    1. Improve Your Business Analysis Skills

      The first area of area professional career which you need to work on is your skills!

      Your first goal is to become the most knowledgeable and the most skilled business analyst.

      You become the knowledgeable business analyst you can be by studying or learning all that you can about business analysis. You can get that knowledge through self study, coaching or training programs.

      Become the most skilled business analysts by taking a lot of practice tests which have been proven to boost your memory, recall and retention!

      Here is an article on how you can sharpen your skills using practice tests!

    2. Get Handson Business Analyst Experience

      Next, work on getting handson experience. What you need is not more certifications or more college degrees but simply more handson experience.

      With handson experience you are virtually assured a business analyst job! Without that, you may not get a job regardless of how educational qualified you are!

    3. Submit your Business Analyst Resume for Jobs

      Now you have achieved these two goals, the next thing that you need to do is to start marketing your resume to business analyst jobs after updating your resume with all your newly minted business analyst experience!

    Good luck with your job search!


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